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  • Aug 2015
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Lolo's Sub Shop

 7442 W Grand Ave
Elmwood Park, IL

Rude, refused service

On Tuesday August 11 I arrived at Lolo’s at 11am to buy a sandwich to go to the beach with my kids. When I placed my order I asked if it was possible to cut the sandwich in four pieces and put them in separate ziploc bags which I provided. The man was very rude and said “Ugh no I’m just going to cut it in fours!” I responded “ok thanks but you don’t have to give me an attitude. Can you cut one of the pieces into smaller…” He interrupted me and said “Get out! go somewhere else!!!” The worst part was going back to my van with no sandwiches explaining to my 3 and 4 year olds that the man got upset because I asked him to put their sandwiches in a ziploc bag and to cut my daughter’s piece smaller. If they can’t handle special requests, all the man could have said was “Sorry we don’t do special requests.” We have been trying to contact the owner since Tuesday, we have been given the run around and now the owner is “out of town” and they don’t know exactly when she comes back.

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