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Sushi Hanabi

 927 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA

A Pleasant Surprise!

I came to Sushi Hanabi with zero expectations, as I hadn’t heard much nor done any research on the restaurant. Tucked away into a small, quiet plaza, Sushi Hanabi is easy to miss. Judging from the outside, some people might mistakenly classify this restaurant as a hole-in-the-wall, as the building appears small and unassuming. However, the restaurant’s interior has a classy, understated elegance that extends from the sophisticated decor to the presentation of the food. The workers are all very attentive and friendly, taking proactive measures to keep us comfortable. The menu has many wonderful surprises; I wasn’t expecting to see Japanese street food like “okonomiyaki” or such an extensive dessert menu. The sushi menu has a lot of fun and interesting-looking creations, but I was unable to try any of these options on my first visit. However, the delicious lunch special that I did try made up my mind that I will DEFINITELY be back for a second visit.

As someone who is constantly trying new Japanese restaurants in search of “The One”, I always put each restaurant to the test by ordering one of two things: a bento, or katsudon (egg and pork cutlet over rice). I decided to go with a bento this time around, and chose tonkatsu and salmon teriyaki. I was pleasantly surprised by the tonkatsu, above all else. Tonkatsu is difficult to perfect, and I’ve had many versions that have been too tough or too dry. I can say with great confidence that this tonkatsu was the best that I’ve ever had in Pleasanton. The salmon teriyaki was tasty and delicious as well. I’ll definitely be back to try more of their offerings!

Okonomiyaki at Sushi Hanabi


It’s not too often that you see okonomiyaki on a restaurant menu, so I had to give this appetizer a try. If you’re not sharing this with a big group, or really hungry, beware- this appetizer is a lot! If you’re a seafood lover, you’d definitely like this (it has bits and pieces of octopus). I don’t particularly care for octopus, but this okonomiyaki was too good to pass up!

Bento at Sushi Hanabi


I was thoroughly impressed by the tonkatsu, as the pork was moist and tender, and the panko was cooked to the perfect golden-brown crispiness. The salmon teriyaki was satisfying as well, and I was relieved that the teriyaki glaze wasn’t overpowering or over-sauced (a mistake that many restaurants make, IMO).

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Returned to the Jamison Publikhouse with a party of 8 that included visitors from London. The food was good the service was horrible, it took 1 1/2 hours to get our food, very disappointed, they are slipping. Waiter poor, “manager” non responsive.
Date of dinner August 24, 2013 about 7:00



Why is a nail salon listed in restaurants near me? It’s not a restaurant and it’s nowhere near me.



I love the concept of bento box, but I usually end up wishing I’d just gotten some great dish that I see others eating. Hah! Thanks for the helpful review, Jenni

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