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Rustic Tavern

 823 Newville Rd
Carlisle, PA

Love It or Leave It

Rustic is exactly the right name for this restaurant/tavern. You will either love it or probably never return, depending on how you feel It’s clear when you walk in that there are lots of “regulars” having fun after work.

To the side is a restaurant, with a menu that features excellent crab dishes and steaks. It’s sort of a guy’s place (rustic), but there are times when every woman feels at home in a guy’s place, In summer, the restaurant extends outside to tables with umbrellas…

If you are looking for crab in the shell or crab dishes, it’s hard to beat Rustic Tavern. But service is slow, the indoors restaurant very noisy, and if you like candlelight, this is not your place.The establishment looks folksy, is folksy, and I mean that in a positive way. Prices are low, food is good, and friends meet up or are made here, So this restaurant experience will succeed or fail depending on what you like. Rest assured, the parking lot is full at dinner time, so Rustic Tavern is just the right mug of beer, if not the cup of tea for all.

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