Shi Wei Tian (CLOSED)

 947 Willis Avenue
Albertson, NY


I went to Si Wei Tian for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. Since I work a short distance from the restaurant, I decided to give it a try since I travel up and down Willis Avenue to shop and run errands during the week. The restaurant appears to be a converted bar. I found it dark inside. I ordered stir fry soba noodles with chicken and shrimp dumplings. I thought that the food was extremely bland. There are actually two superior Japanese restaurants on Willis Avenue within blocks of Shi Wei Tian like Sakaya and Tinbu. I left a 20% tip because the service was very good. I now regret this because as I was leaving I overheard the owner who is a middle aged Chinese male use a racial slur in Cantonese that was directed at me (since I was the only person in the restaurant). I picked up some Cantonese years ago from a college friend. I will never go back there again.

Soba noodles with chicken

Extremely bland.

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