Warehouse Bar & Grill

 214 King St
Alexandria, VA

Distasteful Dining Experience

To make a really long story short, a group of friends and I attended this restaurant on Sunday December 20, 2015 for a birthday brunch. While my friends on time, I arrived a little late but was informed by my friend that they had been seated at a table in the back of the restaurant. Upon my arrival, I spoke to the host and let him know that my friend had informed me where their table was located. The host looked at me and stated with conviction that my friends were, in fact, seated upstairs. I informed the host that my friends noted they were seated in the back and he assured me, after looking me up and down, that my friends were seated upstairs. I proceeded to go upstairs to find my table and noticed that the table the host referred me to what was the only table on the floor with an all-Black party. I am a Black woman, so I am of course offended. How very dare you make that assumption. It’s not you’re job to make that assumption about me. The simple solution would have been to ask me the party’s name and seat me that way. After this incident, I was turned off completely by the service and lack of regard. My friend attempted to speak with the manager on duty, but he brushed it up to the restaurant being busy. No excuse. Welps, Warehouse B&G just lost business from me. First and Last time ever going there.

New Orleans French Toast

I’ve had better.

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