Fat Bottom Girls Cupcakes

 124 Central Ave
Hot Springs, AR

Sinfully Wonderful Cupcakes

Admittedly, “cupcakes” are not a dining experience…of sorts. And yet…the cupcakes at this shop may just be the best thing you have ever placed in your mouth. Soon to be featured on the “Food network”, I have “eaten” here and I can tell you that I have never been so amazed at the quality and taste and joy that explode in your mouth from a single bite of their “cupcakes”! It might be a serious reason to just “hang a left and head for Hot Springs Arkansas”~!

Vanilla on Chocolate

This simply cannot be expressed in words, but that never stopped me. The cake is lite and explodes with flavor. The vanilla is just the perfect consistency and just the perfect amount amount of flavoring. The combination of these two is to die for. Like the commercial used to say…“Bet you can’t eat just one”~!

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