KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

 1002 Auburn Way N
Auburn, WA

Disappointed everytime

Everytime I’ve gone to this particular KFC, they have either left something off the order or the quality is sub-standard. This particular to go order I got today hit the mark on both levels. I was upset enough to call them and ask either that someone bring me my missing item or credit my card because I did not feel I should have to be inconvenienced to go back there. Was advised neither is possible – way to provide good customer service KFC! I usually am buying lunch for myself and my 5 employees so you can kiss that future revenue goodbye which as a business owner myself, in these tough times, you should think twice about the level of quality and customer service you are providing. Oh and…don’t waste your money on the new sandwhich on the Hawaiian roll – looked nothing like the picture and ads and taste was bland. Not sure if that has to do with this particular KFC or in general is a bad recipe. Based on the poor service I’ve gotten on a consistent basis from this particular KFC, I would be willing to try the sandwhich again at a different KFC.

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