Chart House

 25908 Genesee Trail Rd
Golden, CO


ok, so for the price we paid for our meal, it was highly over rated. We had drinks in the bar and ate the lettuce wraps, awesome. We moved to our window table and ordered the crab cake. I went to the bathroom, and when I came back it had arrived and my husband told me not to touch it. I don’t very often eat seafood, and I was surprised from what he said. It was fishy, and not good he said. We told the waitress, who had no problem removing it from our bill. I ordered the grilled watermelon and feta salad and had the chicken romano. I thought everything was fine. My husband had the chart house salad, and believe it or not, some of his lettuce was brown, he wasn’t happy once again. He ordered the shrimp scampi dinner, which came with lots of noodles, like 5 shirmp and very little sauce. He wasn’t happy again. Bad day for him. Other than this, the employees were awesome, friendly and caring. The service was good, our drinks were good. The view wasn’t impressive because it was overcast over Denver, go figure. Well we go back, no.

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