Boiling Crab

 13892 Brookhurst St
Garden Grove, CA

Worst Service EVER!

My party of 5 visited the Brookhurst, Garden Grove location of the Boiling Crab in California. We arrived at 8:30 PM, waited until 9:15 PM to be seated, which was expected as two of our party had been there and stated there was usually a long wait but the place was absolutely delicious and worth it. We were greeted by our server, who was friendly and explained the menu. Our appetizers of oysters, sweet potato fries and beverages came out very quickly and we happily ate them, enjoying the great food. We ordered as entrees 4 lbs of shrimp and one lb of snow crab, corn and potatoes. However at 10:30 PM our food had still not come out and we were told earlier the kitchen closed at 10 PM. At this point we were confused and our server comes up to our table and says something to the effect of ’ Oh no, your food isn’t out?", which clearly, it was not. He then proceeds to tell us the printer somehow malfunctioned and we would only be getting 4 lbs of shrimp, nothing else as the kitchen had closed. We asked to speak to a manager and a host came and told us she would take 505 off our appetizers and the 4 lbs of shrimp.The server however had not told her the whole story, which seems to have been that he forgot to place our order. She then disappears and we wait another 15 minutes before our server reappears with a bill. Now all of us have at some point been servers, and one of us had managed an Olive Garden so we all know mistakes happen and were not overreacting or being hostile, maintaining our calm. We say no this is not acceptable, we would like to speak to a manager. He then informs us there is no manager but he can take 30% off our bill. How it possible that we originally were offered 50% and then 30% and there is no manager on duty on a busy weekend night? We get up and leave,as there has been not one apology for the atrocious customer service or numerous mistakes committed here. We have no one with any authority to make decisions to speak to so we walk out the door. As we leave an employee says to us " See you next time!" whereupon one of our group replies “No, never again”. This employee’s lovely response? “Good.” This has to be the worst I have ever been treated in any customer service situation in my life. I have better service at a McDonald’s and will never recommend this Boiling Crab location to anyone. I want your company to know the quality of employees and lack of caring that this location is carrying out in your name. The icing on this cake too is I am almost 7 mos pregnant and your employees didn’t care that I desperately need to eat. This was a complete waste of over 2 hours of our time.

sweet potato fries

since this was all that ever came out that I could eat…

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