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My cat and I are alike in that we like to overeat!

I’m the vegetarian that vegetarians despise. Unlike other vegetarians, I eat in a rather careless fashion. I’m the one that chomps on mozarella sticks, fried cream cheese wontons and almost anything else that would clog your blood veins. ;)


Tofu Village

 19143 Bloomfield Ave
Cerritos, CA

Sizzling Hot Soft Tofu

As the restaurant’s name suggests, their specialty is tofu (soft tofu). There are many varieties of soon toobu to choose from. All contain some type of meat in it. My mom somehow managed to have their cook (an elderly woman who I’m pretty sure does not work there anymore or if she does, works less hours there) make our soon toobu with as minimal traces of meat possible. If this particular cook makes it for us, the soon toobu contains soft tofu, jalapeno, spices, seafood ingredients and broth that does not smell like beef. It’s almost a completely different smelling/tasting soon toobu when a different person cooks for us.

The restaurant itself isn’t big but it isn’t small either. They offer ice cream to those that dine in as well as to those that order take out. I’m not sure if they still offer ice cream, though as the machine was not working the last two times my mom visited the restaurant.

The owner (male) of the restaurant is really nice. I love how he’s nice to both Koreans and non-Koreans. (Business run by Koreans in Cerritos are often a miss when it comes to service. I can only name a few businesses run by Koreans within the city that are nice to both Koreans and non-Koreans and/or offer fair service to all.)

Although the owner and that one particular cook are the highlights of this restaurant, the same can’t be said of the waitresses. It has come to my mother’s attention that their waitresses never give an adequate amount of side dishes which come included with the soon toobu order.

Korean cuisine, in general is not vegetarian friendly. If you’re not a complete vegetarian, you might want to give the soon toobu at this restaurant a try.

The restaurant itself is located by New Peking Wok and Carrow’s. There’s also always a parking space available by the restaurant.

FYI: I’ve never dined inside; I’ve only eaten their “soon toobu” (soft tofu) as take out.

Rating: I would have given 4 stars if it weren’t for the inadequate amount of side dishes given.

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We live and travel in 42 ft diesel motor home, but doubt will make it to California from Florida (!) -the restaurant sounds like a place to avoid if there are others better. I’ve had similar experiences in oriental restaurants with take out and eat in – almost get the feeling they “don’t have time for us” (just the $$) – but could be reading too much into it – seems like lot of restaurants of any type are like that, they don’t have to put as much effort into “take out” since less likely of …



You have great food reviews. I enjoy reading them.



No worries. Life gets busy. :) But I’m looking forward to seeing your foodie pics. :)

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