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My cat and I are alike in that we like to overeat!

I’m the vegetarian that vegetarians despise. Unlike other vegetarians, I eat in a rather careless fashion. I’m the one that chomps on mozarella sticks, fried cream cheese wontons and almost anything else that would clog your blood veins. ;)


Tofu Village

 19143 Bloomfield Ave
Cerritos, CA

Sizzling Hot Soft Tofu

As the restaurant’s name suggests, their specialty is tofu (soft tofu). There are many varieties of soon toobu to choose from. All contain some type of meat in it. My mom somehow managed to have their cook (an elderly woman who I’m pretty sure does not work there anymore or if she does, works less hours there) make our soon toobu with as minimal traces of meat possible. If this particular cook makes it for us, the soon toobu contains soft tofu, jalapeno, spices, seafood ingredients and broth that does not smell like beef. It’s almost a completely different smelling/tasting soon toobu when a different person cooks for us.

The restaurant itself isn’t big but it isn’t small either. They offer ice cream to those that dine in as well as to those that order take out. I’m not sure if they still offer ice cream, though as the machine was not working the last two times my mom visited the restaurant.

The owner (male) of the restaurant is really nice. I love how he’s nice to both Koreans and non-Koreans. (Business run by Koreans in Cerritos are often a miss when it comes to service. I can only name a few businesses run by Koreans within the city that are nice to both Koreans and non-Koreans and/or offer fair service to all.)

Although the owner and that one particular cook are the highlights of this restaurant, the same can’t be said of the waitresses. It has come to my mother’s attention that their waitresses never give an adequate amount of side dishes which come included with the soon toobu order.

Korean cuisine, in general is not vegetarian friendly. If you’re not a complete vegetarian, you might want to give the soon toobu at this restaurant a try.

The restaurant itself is located by New Peking Wok and Carrow’s. There’s also always a parking space available by the restaurant.

FYI: I’ve never dined inside; I’ve only eaten their “soon toobu” (soft tofu) as take out.

Rating: I would have given 4 stars if it weren’t for the inadequate amount of side dishes given.


New Peking Restaurant

 19131 Bloomfield Ave
Cerritos, CA

From above average to below average

This is a pretty spacious restaurant. The first two times I came here, I thought I had found a hidden gem for Chinese food in the city of Cerritos. Unfortunately, I was wrong as my last visit here in the beginning of 2012 (or was it the end of 2011?) proved otherwise. I walked in and was not greeted. More than one employee saw me but none bothered to say hello to me.

The restaurant was somewhat busy considering the fact that it was dinner time when I went. However, it wasn’t a full house and I’m sure a simple hello would not have interrupted their work system.

Although I have dined inside before, this time around, I chose to order for to go.

Customer service stinked to the core for some reason (I was expecting better service as I had received above average service in the past) and I’m not just talking about the no hello thing as the lack of greeting/welcome upon entering the restaurant was just the icing on the cake to bad service.

I placed my order with a female employee. She seemed rather impatient with me as I did my best to search as fast as I could for vegetarian friendly items. After I ordered, I sat on a chair by the cash register’s counter. I can’t count how many times the female employee swiftly walked by me to serve customers dining at a large table not too far from where I was sitting. It’s one thing to be efficient; it’s a totally different thing to be a walking safety hazard. It was also somewhat rude. It didn’t bother me that she never bothered to excuse herself each time she walked ever so closely (too closely) by me, but it bothered me a lot to think about possible mishaps of her tripping and landing on me, of her spilling hot food over me as she swiftly passes by and so on. Fortunately, none of these scenarios occurred BUT I really wouldn’t have been surprised had they actually occurred as the risk(s) were present.

I’m not sure why or who thought it was a good idea to place “waiting” chairs there. It was practically a fire hazard and an accident/mishap waiting to happen.

By the time my order was ready and it was time for me to pay, I no longer was feeling this particular female employee. I’m not sure what it was but there was something ingenuine about her towards me. Her conversation and smile with me as I was about to leave came off forced/fake. Perhaps she didn’t find me to be important enough of a customer as I was only one customer (1 = less orders of food) & just so happened to be a take out customer (take out = no tip) as well.

I tried the food later and was disappointed. The only good thing in my order was the egg rolls. It was a major disappointment as I’ve had food here in the past and it actually was pretty good. The bean curd I ordered for to go was heavily brazed in some thick sauce loaded in MSG that didn’t taste good whatsoever.

What has happened to this restaurant? This restaurant has transformed from a place that offers above average service and food to a place that offers below average service and food.

I don’t know if I want to go back to this place again. I might give them one more try just to see if my last visit was pure coincidence.

For those that are interested in visiting this restaurant, try coming during lunch or any time before dinner. My positive experiences with this restaurant was during the afternoon hours.

Egg Roll (4)

Their egg rolls are vegetarian and crispy. They were good.

Vegetable Chow Mein

Their chow mein is better than the chow mein served at Tien Tien. In comparison to Tien Tien’s chow mien, it wasn’t as salty or brown. It also had a better/delicate flavor.



 5062 Orangethorpe Ave
La Palma, CA

Bordering Los Angeles County

You will see a bunch of locals here early in the morning. Most of them are 50+ and it seems to me that they come here to eat and hang out with their friends. For those that are into details, the usual is a Filipino group here and a Korean group there. They tend to seat themselves at the front of the restaurant which means that there isn’t a lot of seating available near the front of the restaurant in the morning. There is a lot of seating available elsewhere (ie. the middle and back of restaurant) however.

Parking isn’t too much of a problem here as there are a lot of spaces available. However, people tend to drive without signaling around here so it’d be wise to always be extra alert whenever you decide to come by here.

The drive through gets ridiculous at noon (and probably during dinner time) with its long lines. The last time I came here, an employee actually came to every car waiting in the drive through lane to take their orders simply because there was too much traffic and probably not enough workers to prep the food in time for each drive through customer.

They have a play center here which the kids and younger children seem to enjoy. It’s gated which helps prevent kids from coming into contact with cars passing through the drive through.

There’s also a so called pedestrian walkway where the drive through is at. I personally am not a fan of this and think it’s a product of poor design since it’s practically a safety hazard.

My mom isn’t fond of this place mainly because they almost always make you wait for your food after going through the drive through and paying for your food. Basically, they ask you to park near the drive through exit and an employee will bring you your food once it’s ready.

It’s an inconvenience. As much as you want your food to be well “cooked”, you also kind of want it fast because if you didn’t want it fast you probably wouldn’t have gone through the drive through in the first place (or a fast food restaurant).

Location-wise, this particular McDonald’s is located in La Palma, right next to the city of Cerritos. It’s kind of cool to one minute be in Orange County and the next minute be in Los Angeles County and vice versa.


Their fish sandwiches have become ridiculously small. This problem with portion size seems to be a problem at other McDonald’s as well however the portion(s) seems to be smallest at this particular McDonald’s. I’m not too sure why. Their sandwich also sometimes does not taste too fresh. It’s always a hit or miss here (usually a miss, unfortunately) with getting a sandwich that doesn’t taste as fresh as it should.


Chevy's Fresh Mex

 4551 Mills Cir
Ontario, CA

Costly, but great customer service!

Customer service is good here. Our waiter was extremely friendly. The friendliness came off genuine and did not look fake whatsoever. I watched the other wait staff and they seemed to offer pretty good customer service as well. The manager actually came by to our table to ask how things were which I thought was nice. (It was nice to know that he wasn’t only observing how things were running throughout the restaurant but wanted verbal input from customers.)

I was hungry and my mom actually adored the chips and salsa that are given to all customers while they are waiting for their orders. Our waiter did not mind us asking for more chips and salsa while we were waiting for our orders to come. Their salsa was good.

Food is on the expensive side. I don’t think anything was cheap as the cheapest food item on the menu was on the expensive side as well. Their menu also did not have a lot to offer. I’ve eaten at a Chevy’s in Northern California before and it was a totally different menu. But then again, that was about a decade ago. Perhaps that was a different Chevy’s or they just simply do things differently up in Northern California. Vegetarians, you’ll be pretty limited with what you can order. Cost-conscious people, you’ll also be pretty limited with what you’re willing to order.

The restaurant is clean and nicely decorated. The back of the restaurant is a lot more spacious than the front of the restaurant. The front of the restaurant was crowded. There was a lot of action in the front of the restaurant. Those that tend to be claustrophobic or just dislike crowds would be better off requesting to sit in the back of the restaurant. Besides, the back of the restaurant has a lot of windows that will enable you to look outside of the restaurant when you’re bored.

The restaurant is located by the mall. If you want good customer service along with generous portion sizes (I guess you get what you pay for), then Chevy’s might be a good place for you to eat at. I must warn you that food does take quite a bit of time before it gets to your table. Also, there are a lot of other places to eat (inside and outside of the mall) at besides Chevy’s ranging from Rainforest Cafe to Krispy Kreme.

Warning: If you’re really hungry, you’ll be better off eating at a different restaurant. I say this because you could easily eat away your free starter chips and salsa which will take a toll on you by the time your order comes. That and the fact that orders do not come as fast as you’d like for it to come. Like I said, if you are hungry and want to eat the moment you walk inside, dine elsewhere.

There are a lot of parking spaces available so you shouldn’t have a problem with finding a spot to park even when they do get busy.

34. Veggie Burrito

This is not your average veggie burrito that simply contains beans, cheese and rice. It’s a burrito that contains “seasonal vegetables with jack, cheddar and cotija cheeses, fresh pico de gallo, black beans, rice and … hot salsa in a warm, whole wheat tortilla”. It was a pretty expensive burrito, but I received a big burrito for the price and not some bean, cheese and rice burrito you can easily get somewhere else for several dollars cheaper. I give this burrito three stars simply because it didn’t really appeal to my senses (tastebuds). Tastewise, it was just okay. It was great in that the burrito came off kind of healthy, but it wasn’t as tasty as it should have been and Mexican food usually is tasty.


Burger King

 127 W 4th St
Long Beach, CA

Bone bits in your chicken!

You will never find this Burger King to be empty. It’s next to the Metro (Blue line) which means that there is always someone hanging inside or outside of this Burger King. You will find locals, Metro riders and homeless people at this Burger King.

If you want to eat fast food peacefully, look elsewhere as you will hear the arrivals/departures of the Metro constantly.

You either must ask an employee for a coin to access their restroom or simply give up change (a quarter) to get inside their restroom. (I’m sure they do this in an attempt to a) keep their restroom as clean as possible and b) to deter the amount of Metro riders/non Burger King customers from using their restroom for “free”.) Their restroom is clean. They also have loud music on inside their restrooms. Like I mentioned above, homeless people do visit this Burger King, so don’t be taken by surprise if you see a big bag inside a locked stall or someone washing themselves up in front of the mirror. (This is to serve as a fyi for any that may have a stigma against this population.)

A few years ago, I ordered a chicken sandwich here. It was the worse chicken sandwich ever. There were a bunch of bone bits lurking everywhere within that “chicken” patty. I was hungry and unfortunately had to throw that sandwich away for fear of putting myself at risk for a major health hazard.

I’ve had the same chicken sandwich elsewhere and never encountered bone bits in it. It honestly made me wonder a plethora of things. 1) Did Burger King start doing a sloppy joe by simply having whoever supplies their food semi-grind bones with their “chicken” meat to make their meat appear more genuine? OR 2) Did Burger King decide it was okay to deliver bad chicken patties to this particular Burger King since the majority of the population they were serving consists of the homeless or urban poor?

If it is number 2, I truly am disappointed because 1) not everyone dining at this restaurant is homeless/poor and 2) everyone, regardless of status in life deserves to be treated fairly especially when the food here certainly isn’t cheaper than at a Burger King elsewhere. I am not sure how their other items are like at this Burger King, but based on that chicken sandwich alone, I’m pretty confident that the food sold here is not up to standards or should not pass standards, if any if the first place. Imagine a kid eating a chicken sandwich with bone bits in it? (It’s an ER situation just waiting to happen.)

Due to encountering a bunch (and I do mean a bunch) of bone bits in my chicken patty while never ever encountering such a thing at other Burger Kings, I can’t give this place anything higher than one star.


Chicken Sandwich

I had the worse chicken sandwich ever. There were a bunch of bone bits lurking everywhere within that “chicken” patty. I was hungry and unfortunately had to throw that sandwich away for fear of putting myself at risk for a major health hazard.


Thai Cottage

 943 Howe Ave
Sacramento, CA

Lacking in ethics

The moment you walk into this restaurant, you’re immediately impressed with how beautifully decorated this restaurant is and exactly how unique it looks. It’s definitely far from a cottage feel as the restaurant makes good use of space. (Trust me. It looks a whole lot bigger inside than it does from the outside.) There’s leveled seating as well as ground seating. The left side of the restaurant contains leveled seating whereas the right side as well as the front of the restaurant contains grounded seating. Whoever decorated this restaurant did a mighty fine job because I was definitely impressed with the decor, as well as choice of coloring used. (The blue wall at the back was striking.)

Unfortunately, that is about all that I can say about Thai Cottage when it comes to the positives since their customer service and food weren’t all that great.

The waitresses were dressed in Thai costumes. I believe it was a first for me to encounter waitresses at a Thai restaurant serving in Thai costumes. The costumes were pretty and allowed customers to easily figure out who was a waitress.

The waitresses were overly chatty and I don’t mean that they were chatting a lot with customers as I often saw them chatting with each other behind the counter where the cash register and drinks were. When I was there, there were only two waitresses working and they were often chit chatting with each other. Perhaps their customer service would have been better had they paid more attention to their job as a waitress and focusing on their customers as oppose to their own selves. I am not kidding when I say any time they found time to chit chat, they would chit chat away in Thai. It bugged me because when and where they were chit chatting, they weren’t able to keep an eye on all of their customers. They could only see customers that were dining at the front of the restaurant as their was a semi-wall behind them that blocked them from seeing customers dining in the back as well as some customers dining around the leveled seating area.

I probably wouldn’t have cared about them chit chatting so much if they could pay attention to their customers while chit chatting but it was something they couldn’t and didn’t do.

Before I go into the nitty gritty of their customer service, allow me to switch gears and talk about their food.

Their food, initially comes off delicious. That is, until you realize several bites later that the food you thought was scrumptious was loaded with MSG. Expect to drink a lot of water with your meal or expect to feel somewhat miserable after consuming excess MSG. Not a healthy place to eat whatsoever!

Now that I’ve talked about their food, allow me to get back to customer service. The bill comes and guess what? My mom and I note that we had been charged wrong. Our dishes had apparently been billed higher than the price set in the menu. We addressed this to the waiter and looked at their menu. We were right in that we were charged higher than we were supposed to be charged. The waitress told us that the price in the menu was “wrong” and that the price we were expecting to pay was for a special. That reply of hers threw us off because 1) we ordered the special and 2) if the price was “wrong”, why did she not tell us while we were ordering? My mom told the waitress that it was wrong for the restaurant to mislead customers by setting a price in the menu and charging a higher price on the customer’s bill. The waitress appeared dumbfounded. She said sorry but never apologized for not informing us beforehand that the prices on the menu were wrong. She ended up trying to switch stories by asking, “How was the food, though?” (Uh…bad, just like your customer service!)

We decided on letting this error of Thai Cottage go as we figured this would be our first and last visit to Thai Cottage. And indeed, it was our first and last visit ever to Thai Cottage. If you thought I was done on their bad customer service, I’m not done yet.

To make matters worse, the waitress ended up giving us the wrong amount of change. It wouldn’t be that much of a problem if she gave us more change than we were expecting, but she gave us less (a lot less) change than we were expecting. We had given her a $100 bill and she gave us the run around on the change. Since my mom had already encountered their hoopla on overcharging our meals, she chose to instantly check how much change we got back the moment the waitress returned to us with our change. I guess she had a feeling that something wasn’t right about the way they do business here and she was right alright. We addressed this to the waitress as soon as we could and received the additional change that we should have gotten the first time around.

Unethical, to say the least.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there have been many customers (before and after us) that have been overcharged for their meals but are simply unaware of it because they don’t check their bill.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if there have been other customers who didn’t receive the full amount of change they were suppose to receive.

Thai Cottage’s customer service is horrid to say the least.

Transportation wise, the restaurant is easily accessible by bus (Howe). There’s also a parking lot available, however parking spots can easily get filled up as there are other businesses within the vicinity of Thai Cottage.

Keep in mind that this review of mine reflects my visit from about 4 years ago, so their customer service may actually be better and their food may contain less MSG now.

Note: This restaurant is called Thai Cottage and not Thai Palms.

Pad Thai

Their pad thai was okay. (I’ve had better pad thai elsewhere and worse elsewhere.) Fortunately for me, my pad thai did not seem to be loaded (or as loaded) with MSG as my mom’s dish.


Red Ribbon Bakeshop

 11900 South St Ste 106
Cerritos, CA

Goldilocks is better!

Red Ribbon is known for their bakery. In addition to bakery, though, Red Ribbon sells Filipino food ranging from palabok to fresh lumpia. Their food selection is quite limited and if you’d rather be at a place that offers both food and bakery variety, you will probably be better off at Goldilocks.

Now that I’ve mentioned Goldilocks, I must fill you in on how some people are either loyal to Red Ribbon or loyal to Goldilocks. There’s probably a reason for this. In fact, there was once a time when I preferred Red Ribbon to Goldilocks, bakery-wise since Red Ribbon was never as busy as Goldilocks and their baked goods seemed more fresh. Starting since a couple of years ago however, I have come to not like Red Ribbon so much and as a result, have stopped going to Red Ribbon altogether.

Red Ribbon’s customer service isn’t good. Goldilocks’ customer service is better (a lot better).

I have ordered halo halo here before and it was a very bad experience. So bad that it wasn’t even halo halo. (Seriously, it wasn’t halo halo.) When I ordered halo halo, I asked the cashier if the halo halo could be put in a to go cup so that I wouldn’t have to stay inside Red Ribbon to eat it. I don’t think she really picked up on what I wanted but in the end of our conversation(s), I assumed that she understood that I wanted it for to go and not in a glass to be dined in inside Red Ribbon. Since it was my first time ordering a drink from Red Ribbon, I was kind of unsure as to whether they’d put it in a glass like they do at Goldilocks or put it in a plastic container like they do at boba shops. If it’s the usual for Red Ribbon to put drinks in plastic containers, then the cashier should have just told me so without looking at me as if I had some issue. Her English wasn’t good whatsoever. It’s one thing when you speak English with an accent and a totally different thing when you can’t speak English well and worse, can’t understand it well either. (Come to think of it, I kind of wonder if she was bored and simply just trying to get under my skin for asking the drink as take out.)

So, the “halo halo” comes and it is in plastic, ready to be consumed outside of the bakery, but that seems to be the only thing that was correct. Notice that I said “halo halo”. I didn’t get halo halo in my plastic cup/container. What I got was some purple (ube) colored smoothie like thing. I looked at the purple “smoothie” in my hand and thought to myself, “Really?” I then looked at the cashier and gave her a puzzled look. I then looked at my receipt. After noting that I had been billed for halo halo and not an ube smoothie/shake (something that wasn’t even on their drink menu, by the way), I asked the cashier, “This is my halo halo?” to which she replied back with a yes. Since when did halo halo start participating in Halloween by disguising as ube? At that point, I just took the ube smoothie that I did not order nor wanted and left the bakery. I figured it was pointless to get into another conversation with the cashier and didn’t even want to initiate a potentially disastrous conversation with the person who made my drink in the back of the bakery. How is it that someone (the cashier) can not speak/understand English well get the English portion of my request correct yet get the Tagalog portion of my request wrong when she’s supposedly fluent in Tagalog? The only thing I said in Tagalog was halo halo and no, I did not say it wrong. Even if I were to say halo halo wrong, there weren’t any other food or drinks on the menu that sounded near like the word halo halo. Never did I mention ube although ube is actually an ingredient of halo halo. It was an absurd experience to say the least. Ever since the “halo halo” event, I limited the amount of times I’d go to Red Ribbon and would never order anything from any employee. The only thing I’d do is grab a prepackaged baked good (ie. mamon), pay for it and leave. I have a feeling that particular cashier caused problems for other customers as well as I never saw her again during my aftermath visits.

Although I want to think it’s now safe enough to order food or drinks without having to worry about getting it messed up by the cashier, I never bothered to give it a try. This leads me to leaving a warning for those that can’t speak Tagalog and/or don’t look Filipino: if you feel that you absolutely must order food/drinks at Red Ribbon, be extra cautious that your order is correct because you might get the run around if they think they can pull of giving you a different order or not going the whole nine yards in making your order. In my case, I got an ube smoothie/shake which wasn’t even offered on the menu when I was suppose to get halo halo, a dessert that contains ube, but also contains nuts, beans, flan, coconut jelly and etcetera. Talk about a rip off! (I should have been charged half of what I paid for with just ube in my plastic cup.) Although I let the incident go because I didn’t want to get into a pointless conversation/argument with the cashier, I am not happy about what happened.

The last time I went here was some time in 2011. The cashier never uttered a hello to me upon entering the bakery but managed to greet everyone else entering the bakery. I bought a couple of mamons and sat in one of their seats while waiting for someone in my family to pick me up. I felt uncomfortable while I was waiting because there were two females (customers) there just continually giving me the eye. For what reason, I don’t know. The only thing I can manage to assume is that they probably were regulars of the bakery whereas I wasn’t a regular and they could tell I wasn’t a regular. Perhaps they had a thing against non-regulars? Like I said, I have no idea. Either way, they’re not included in my rating of the bakery. (I just thought I should add the experience into my review as a fyi.)

Bakery-wise, it’s small. It’s located near Subway, Jeepney Grill and Chase. The inside of the building seems relatively clean. Mamons and other breads can easily be found on a rack. They also have other baked goods on display where the cash register is. The bakery is never busy, although I would imagine it to be busy during holiday time (I have a feeling they wouldn’t be as busy as Goldilock’s though).

Parking can be a pain if you want to park in front of Red Ribbon. The first two rows of parking are almost always full due to people visiting Jeepney Grill, Subway, Pho or Red Ribbon, of course. If you don’t want to wait for parking, you’re best bet is to just settle for a parking space located three parking spaces away from the bakery. You’ll have to walk to the bakery but it’s not a far walk at all.

In regards to their prepackaged baked goods, it’s usually a hit or miss in that their racks aren’t well stocked with mamons and other goodies. The last time I was there, they weren’t carrying any ensaimadas and a limited amount of taisans. I want to make a note that you should check expiration dates carefully before you purchase any of these prepackaged baked goods.

Halo Halo

Like I mentioned in the main review, I did not receive halo halo for my order of halo halo. I instead received a purple (ube) smoothie/shake which wasn’t even a featured item on their menu. Halo halo contains more ingredients than just ube; it contains flan, beans, rice krispies and a bunch of other ingredients. I paid for halo halo, but instead got something that should have cost half the price of halo halo. If you want the details of what happened, please refer to my main review, above.

Mocha Mamon

Their mocha mamon is prepackaged. It can be found on a rack. I used to really like their mamons simply because at one time, they tasted more fresh than Goldilocks. However, their mamons as well as a bunch of other prepackaged goodies seem to taste less fresh and the ingredients used to making it seem to be of a worse quality as well.



 6901 Walker St
La Palma, CA

Replaced by Grand Tokyo Seafood Buffet

VIP Buffet sure lived to its name in that it was a pretty pricey buffet. Despite VIP Buffet’s admission cost, they offered a pretty nice selection of food items and the food was pretty good.

Although I and a lot of other people I know were not too fond of how much it would cost to enter their buffet, many people actually came to eat at VIP Buffet and it would often get crowded. (You usually would not expect a buffet to be crowded if it’s somewhat costly but there was usually a crowd each time I went there alright.) By the way, when I say costly, I want you to know that it wasn’t as expensive as Todai but it sure wasn’t cheap either.

Their buffet was set up in an interesting way. There were fountain drinks available in two places. I suppose this helped reduce walking time to thirsty people. The restaurant itself is spacious. There is never a problem with seating here because there are a lot of seats available even when it gets crowded. There’s table seating as well as booth seating. You got to choose where you wanted to sit.

Their bathrooms are something I don’t want to get into but will get into. Their bathrooms were poor. They offered many stalls but the majority of the stalls (as well as the bathroom itself) were always dirty. It was gross and my mom was turned off by it most.

Those that come to the buffet as a big crowd (ie. party groups) would often sit at the front of the restaurant (near the bathroom). I’m not sure why but it seems to me that whenever there’s a humongous group, the humongous group would sit near the bathroom area. (Now that I think about it though, it probably had something to do with how they could easily join many tables together.)

If you were to get food before looking for a place to sit, the first thing you’d notice is dessert (or the fountain drink machine). Their dessert options were pretty good. I personally know that they don’t make their cheesecake on site. (I know this because I caught an employee taking cheesecake out of a box from the refrigerator.) If they don’t make their cheesecake on site, it’s quite possible that the other desserts weren’t made on site as well. I will admit that their cheesecake, wherever they bought it from was ridiculously good, though.

They offered sushi, seafood (ex. crab legs), Asian cuisine (ex. chow mien, egg rolls, stir fry and pho) as well as American cuisine (ex. fries and pizza). Their fries were good. Their chow mien and other stir fried noodle dishes weren’t all too good, however as they were either super greasy and/or lacked in flavor.

Unlike most people, I didn’t care about their pho (I probably would have cared for it it were vegetarian enough for me to have beef broth.) but my mom and many others that cared about that pho would often have a difficult time of getting some pho. There barely is anyone (employee) around the pho area to pay attention to a customer desiring pho. To make matters worse, they leave a box for tips so that you feel entitled to tip the person “making” the pho for you. I honestly think they should have just come up with a better mechanism around the pho thing. Although you didn’t have to tip, some people felt like they had to. (My mom tipped.) Also, the silent rule seems to be that people would line up for the pho once someone successfully gets hold of someone to “make” their pho.

Employees (particularly that of the wait staff) seem to always be overworked and that was an ugly sight to see. I’d watch a female wait staff carrying piles and piles of dirty dishes and thought to myself how it would be more efficient and less physically demanding on her (as well as any other wait stuff) if they (owner or management) allowed the wait staff to use something that had wheels to carry all of those dirty dishes.

Parking was never a problem here as there’s more than enough parking.

Location wise, it can be somewhat difficult to notice the buffet as it’s tucked way back. It’s a pink building that you’d think you’d never miss but even people that have been here before manage to miss it and having to make a u-turn to get to the buffet.

Unfortunately, this buffet is now closed and has been replaced by Grand Tokyo Seafood Buffet. They last operated on Valentine’s Day 2012. (Pretty sentimental, don’t you think?) Will I miss this buffet? Probably as I’ve eaten there more than just a couple of times, but let’s hope that Grand Tokyo Seafood Buffet will impress me once I get the chance to try it!


They offered sushi, seafood (ex. crab legs), Asian cuisine (ex. chow mien, egg rolls, stir fry and pho) as well as American cuisine (ex. fries and pizza). Their fries were good. Their chow mien and other stir fried noodle dishes weren’t all too good as they were either super greasy and/or lacked in flavor. Their cheesecake, although not self made was ridiculously good. Their pho station was quite problematic as there was hardly ever any employee around the pho station to make pho for those desiring pho.


Goldilocks Bakeshop & Restaurant

 11489 South St
Cerritos, CA

"Known" for their bakery

Food is mediocre at Goldilocks. The problem with this judgment of mine however is that I tasted their food back when they were housed in Artesia. It’s possible that their food tastes a lot better now that they’re housed in Cerritos. I unfortunately don’t intend on trying their food again though with an exception to their bakery items. The bakery seems to be what most people go to Goldilocks for and seems to be what Goldilocks is known for. The problem is they seem to have cheapened the ingredients used in their baked goods. Bummer, but then again, what do you expect in a world that feeds off of highly processed food?

Their biscotti is good. I admit that I used to be an addict of their biscotti. I however ended my addiction after connecting my weight gain with their biscotti.

I used to love their ensaymadas as well. Prior to getting addicted to biscotti, I was addicted to ensaymadas. There was just something about that cheesy and sugary taste I loved so much. It unfortunately was without a doubt an unhealthy snack.

They sell a lot of different baked goods. In addition to mamon, ensaymada and biscotti, they also sell red velvet cupcake, ube cake, sao pao, chicken empanada, halo halo and more. Most people come to Goldilocks to order cakes for a special occasion. Unfortunately, their cakes are no longer as good as they used to be. Cake ordering has also become a nightmare during holiday times as many will want to order and pick up their cake(s) the same day as you.

My mom and I had a so so experience the first time we ordered our cake with them. This was back when they were still housed in Artesia. Because of the so so experience, we have never bothered to order another cake from them again.

Although I’ve never dined here (note that I have dined at Goldilocks back when they were housed in Artesia), I can say that the restaurant comes off pretty clean and tidy. Customer service is alright. (I’ve had better customer service at other Pilipino restaurants before.)

The restaurant itself is located in a busy area (next to a supermarket and near Hometown Buffet on South and Gridley). There is more than enough parking and you won’t have a hard time finding the restaurant as it can easily be seen when driving along Gridley.

Fun fact: Some of you may not be aware of this, but their original location was on Pioneer Street in Artesia, CA. They are of course now housed in Cerritos at South and Gridley.

Fresh Lumpia

Their fresh lumpia was pretty good. However, please note that I had their fresh lumpia back when they were still housed in Artesia. If you’re looking for something relatively healthy and want to dine in at Goldilocks, you should probably give fresh lumpia a try. The fresh lumpia basically looks like a spring roll crepe, but it doesn’t taste like a crepe. To be honest though, the fresh lumpia was a little too healthy for my liking as it didn’t contain enough noticeable flavor. It was still pretty good.


Good. I would have to say that Goldilocks has the best halo halo. Perhaps one day I’ll run into a Pilipino restaurant that offers halo halo that tastes better than the one at Goldilocks. Please note that I had halo halo back at their Artesia location. I have a feeling that the taste hasn’t changed ever since their move to Cerritos BUT just a FYI. Halo halo is basically a dessert. It has ube ice cream, nuts, ice and a bunch of other things. It’s also quite colorful. You can eat it with a spoon and/or a straw.


Chicharon was the worst thing I ever had at Goldilocks. Please realize that you’re not getting chicharon to be placed in soup when you order a Goldilocks’ chicharon. You’re actually getting the real deal chicharon and if you’re not a fan of pork/grease or just plain out never had the real deal chicharon before, be cautious when contemplating on ordering chicharon at Goldilocks. Also note that no one in my family found Goldilock’s chicharon to be appetizing whatsoever. Pork lovers on the other hand might find this dish to be a treat. Again, please note that I had this dish back when they were still housed in Artesia.


What’s not to love about cheese, sugar and bread? The top part (where the cheese and sugar is) of ensaymada is the best part. I remember wishing Goldilock’s ensaymada had cheese and sugar all over it instead of just the top part having it. I’d give it four stars if it weren’t so processed. It used to be less processed and more fresh back when they were still housed in Artesia. Note: Ensaymadas seem to be something that almost every kid enjoys.


Mamon is probably the “healthier” alternative to their ensaymadas. It’s basically a chiffon cake. Mamon doesn’t really do much for me since I like ensaymadas more. I do like how mamon is soft to eat, though.


Super processed but super good. They come in a resealable package. They’re pretty price. I think one package of biscotti costs $2.50+, although I am not too sure. Their biscotti has a buttery taste to it and is crunchy. They’re somewhat messy to eat as crumbs get all over you. I used to be addicted to their biscotti! I’ve stopped the addiction, however because I didn’t want to keep on gaining weight! (That’s how good their biscotti is.)



 17316 Norwalk Blvd
Cerritos, CA

Filipino Fast Food

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food restaurant. It’s a nice switch of scenery from the usual Burger King, Mc Donald’s and KFC. Besides, their fries are good. They’re as good as Burger King’s or even better. Unfortunately, their fries are a bit pricey.

Their cheesy sweet spaghetti is great as well. (Some people have mixed feelings on their spaghetti and I believe it has to do with people either loving their spaghetti sweet or absolutely hating it for being sweet.)

Customer service here has always been good. There’s always an employee ready to greet you as you walk in. (There’s also a bee, the Jollibee mascot that “greets” you before you enter the restaurant.) Sometimes an employee will go as far as to saying bye as you leave. As an fyi, the employees can speak both English and Tagalog.

Menu-wise, you shouldn’t have a problem with figuring out what to order as they have a bunch of lit picture displays behind the cashier’s counter as well as next to the cashier’s counter.

Their restaurant is clean and spacious. Parking, in my opinion can sometimes be a hassle if you want to park right in front of the restaurant. If you don’t mind walking a bit, then there’s more than enough parking available. The restaurant is located near Bank of America as well as Seafood City, a Pilipino supermarket.

Besides spaghetti and fries, they also sell burgers, lumpia (egg rolls), milk fish, halo halo, pearl coolers (boba), breakfast items and more.

I’ve had their halo halo before and all I can say is that it’s not as good as Goldilock’s halo halo but it is cheaper than Goldilock’s halo halo.

Seating wise, there’s more than enough seating. For those that desire more privacy when dining in, I suggest you to eat on the left side of the restaurant (past their soda machine) or in the back of the restaurant (right side of the restaurant by the bathroom).

Jollibee Spaghetti - Jollibee Spaghetti at Jollibee

Jollibee Spaghetti

Prior to becoming a vegetarian, I adored Jolibee’s spaghetti. It’s cheesy and sweet. Delicious! It also contains pork. If it didn’t contain pork, I’d probably still find a reason to come to Jollibee just for that spaghetti. Although I found their spaghetti to be enjoyable, I must warn you that there are many that get turned off by Jollibee’s spaghetti most likely due to the fact that it’s sweeter than your typical spaghetti or because it contains pork, something not usually found in your typical spaghetti.

Jolly Crispy Fries - Jolly Crispy Fries at Jollibee

Jolly Crispy Fries

They’re crispy and if you like Burger King’s fries, you’ll probably like Jollibee’s crispy fries. Their fries have always been satisfying to me EXCEPT once and for that I had to give it three stars instead of four stars. I experienced not so crispy fries the last time I ordered them. They also unfortunately tasted a bit stale the last time I had them.

Halo Halo

Like I said in the review, the halo halo at Goldilock’s taste better however the halo halo at Jollibee costs less. Overall, it was pretty good but since I’ve had better halo halo elsewhere, I had to give this treat a rating of three stars instead of four.

Chickenjoy Dip'n Strips

People who like chicken strips will probably like this dish a lot however I just found it okay. The strips were a bit too salty for my liking. Also, you get to pick your own sauce. I can’t recall what type of sauces they offer, but you get to pick one out of the three they offer. The dish comes with fries, which was the highlight of this dish.

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