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My cat and I are alike in that we like to overeat!

I’m the vegetarian that vegetarians despise. Unlike other vegetarians, I eat in a rather careless fashion. I’m the one that chomps on mozarella sticks, fried cream cheese wontons and almost anything else that would clog your blood veins. ;)


Bo De Tinh Tam Chay

 15131 Moran St
Westminster, CA

Vegetarian food at its best

Bo De Tinh Tam Chay is a Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant. I give this restaurant five out of five stars because they deserve it. Their customer service is good. They serve delicious Vietnamese food and it’s vegetarian. For those of you that are against the idea of vegetarianism, you must not skip out on this restaurant. Although they don’t use meat in any of their food, they use a lot of imitation meat products. This means that meat lovers can continue to enjoy meat (even though it’s “meat”) and vegetarians can continue to enjoy being vegetarian.

I’ve been to this restaurant when it was busy and when it wasn’t busy. Because of this, I had a chance to observe how they treat their customers in detail. On their busy day, they had a bunch of customers waiting in line to be seated. (You had to write your name down and the amount of people you came with.) Although their workers prefer to converse in Vietnamese, they treat all of their customers (Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese) equally. I caught a few customers who tried to cheat the long line and an employee solved the problem peacefully by asking for their name and checking with the sign in sheet. The employee did not okay the cheating and made those customers sign in at the bottom of the sign in sheet.

Based on what I’ve eaten, I believe they use good products to make their food. Their food fills you up and does not make you feel fat or bloated in the stomach. Your stomach feels light and that usually is a sign that your stomach is satisfied.

The owner(s) and/or the employees are probably Buddhist. When you walk inside the restaurant, you notice Buddhist posters on the wall. If you observe carefully enough, they even have a glass showcase filled with Buddhist objects (ex. lotuses and Buddhist statues.) They also have a cart (“bookcase”) filled with Buddhist handouts, calendars and books. Most of these handouts, calendars and books are made available to the public for free.

I feel that because they’re Buddhist and make vegetarian food, they care about their customers’ well-being. I see this in the food that is served, how their employees treat customers and how they pack my take out orders.

I’ve ordered for to go once and I must admit that I was impressed. I felt as if they had treated me like a special customer. Food was not placed in typical cheap take out ware. They were placed in nice plastic take out containers. They also made sure that I had everything (ex. beansprouts, noodles, broth, “chicken”, limes, vegetables and etcetera) to enjoy their food as take out. I was in awe. It showed that they genuinely cared about their customers.

Although I give this restaurant a rating of five stars, a con to the restaurant exists. (No one’s perfect, right?)
Here is the con:
If you’re not familiar with Wesminster’s Little Saigon, you’ll have a hard time finding this restaurant. I can attempt to tell you how to find it, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the restaurant after I tell you how. There’s a mall called “Phuoc Loc Tho” or Asian Garden Mall. Face the front entrance of this mall. Don’t go inside the mall. Instead, go to the left of the mall and walk about halfway down. You should see Bo De Tinh Tam Chay to your left. Hopefully, my directions will help you in finding this restaurant. (If it helps, the restaurant is located in between the Asian Garden Mall and Little Saigon’s new housing project. As of date, the housing project is still under construction.)

Bo De Tinh Tam Chay is the right place to go to if you’re looking for a good restaurant. Superb customer service, healthy food and located right next to Little Saigon’s Asian Garden Mall. What’s not to love about eating and shopping? Hard to find, but well worth the search!

Pho Thap Cam

If you’ve eaten Vietnamese food before, you probably already know what pho is. Well, let me tell you something. This particular pho is different from the typical Vietnamese pho (rice noodles in beef broth). It was tasty, delicious and better than any type of pho I’ve had at other Vietnamese restaurants. According to their menu, pho thap cam is simply “lemon flavored vege. chicken rice noodles”. Keep in mind that it’s not actually real chicken. Does that matter to you when it’s DELCIOUS and healthy? Vegetarians will love this particular pho!


Northend Pizzeria

 12751 Towne Centre Drive
Cerritos, CA

Taste of Thai

 2069 Arena Blvd
Sacramento, CA
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