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Citrus at Social (CLOSED)

 6525 W Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA

Pleasantly surprised

Honestly, I was expecting somewhere in the middle of the road. But my selections for dinner were very good, and much better than I had expected.

1. Beet and tuna salad: this was excellent. I liked the heavier complex soy sauce used to marinade the tuna, and I always like beets, and the sweetness from the beets was a good contrast to the salty.

2. Vegetable risotto: it was surprisingly made with pearl pasta. The vegetables were cut into tiny dice, and were very bright in flavor as well as color. The pearl pasta also helped to make this dish very spring-like. There was probably a tad too much parmesan, but overall, this was a happy dish.

3. Michel’s chocolate bar: upscale kit kat—what’s not to like? It’s good chocolate (not like the real kit kat), there’s crispy, and lots of hazelnut in there. It was also a bit larger than I expected, so that’s good too.

The space is very attractive, mixing the old architecture of the building with very pleasing apple green chairs, and dim but not too dim lighting.

The big highlight was touring the kitchen after dinner. Wow, that was one clean kitchen. Wish mine could be that clean all the time. The Sous Chef took us around, explained things, and answered our questions. He was very friendly, amiable, and accommodating.

A very good dining and overall experience at my first visit to Citrus.

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