Sir Pizza

 2833 S Main St
High Point, NC

Unappealing Venue

Hi to all just putting some things out there about this place, will try to be quick and hit the good points! I used to work there over 2 years ago. They use moldy cheese, we are told to pick around it! They will use the dish washer for 2 to 3 days without and soap in it! They allow people with MRSA to operate register and handle your food! Your corner pieces of pizza hit the floor constantly and are put right back and gave to you! There is an army of mold growing in the ice maker that never gets 100 % clean And all this is allowed to go on to SAVE MONEY Also the BBB has a hand written letter with all this and more! I am very sorry it took so long to tell this stuff but while i was there i was threatened with job less if i told and i really needed my job at the time, now i am away from there and doing better i wanted to let people in that area know what really happens in there, i even tried to contact owner, and was not allowed to talk to him/her what so ever. Eat at own risk

"SPECIAL" Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Scared to try from this location!

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