500 Steamboat Rd
Greenwich, CT

Baby It's Cold Outside...and Inside!

For years I’ve been hearing about l’escale, a very upscale restaurant in Greenwich. It gets quite a crowd and I understand in the summer the outdoor terrace on the water is very well attended.

Finally, I had the opportunity to eat there for dinner on a recent Saturday evening. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.

The place is really beautiful so I suspect that’s half the draw. The bar area is really great with small settee’s and chairs as well as very comfortable bar stools. I had great expectations for a fabulous evening, however, how is one to enjoy a drink or a meal when it’s 28 degrees outside and so cold inside the restaurant you have to sit with your coat on?

The bar was so cold we had to move to the dining room where we hoped it would be warmer. It was, but only by a little.

I’ll move on to dinner, which was marginal at best. I ordered the salade verte which was fresh, but boring. The blue cheese I requested with the salad was new and not aged enough. I’ve bought better blue cheese at the supermarket.

I ordered the roasted chicken with potatoes, again, boring. The chicken was overcooked and dry, and the potatoes were tasteless. I ate only half of my dinner because it was so tasteless. My partner had the lamb and seemed like he liked it fine. He also ordered the special soup which was made of three different squashes and he said that was good as well. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.

The deserts were lovely, I had fried banana with caramel sauce and my partner had the fresh berries. Both were good.

I went to the ladies room which was freezing…colder than the rest of the restaurant.

The dining room, although filling up, became progressively colder. My partner wanted to have a coffee and after dinner drink in the bar so we went back, but this time I brought my coat. While waiting for my partner to get my coat, I noticed the door to the front hall was open, so every time someone came in from outside, the cold air blasted in. I said to the maitre’d who was standing there that this was the reason the place was so cold. He said the door didn’t close, there was some problem with it.

I sat there in the bar wrapped in my coat and finally the bartender came over and adjusted the thermostat. We left before it was warmer.

In my opinion, I prefer to eat dinner in a comfortable temperature, not freezing and hugging myself throughout.
Between the cold and the mediocre dinner, I only gave this restaurant 2 stars, and that is for the atmosphere. Great chandeliers, but alas, you can’t eat those.

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