Thai Garden Restaurant

 2011 W Avenue K
Lancaster, CA

Sala***t Restaurant

First time I dined in with a friend and the meal was okay. Decided to treat my family there who were knew in town to some different kind of food and payed with a debit card. My bill was $26.17 I looked at my card statement online the next day and it was $31.40 WTF Over $5.00 of a tip if you ask me for carryout. I called them and two people decided at that point they couldn’t speak ENGLISH anymore and said that the companies charge a 20% interest to make sure I have the funds and I would get it in 5 or 6 business days, YEAH OK. This place rips off people that they think are not going to check their debit balances in these rough economic times. It’s sad restaurants over charge people when they should be thanking their lucky stars people are still patronizing them. I won’t be going back there because it was more than an error. Plus this business claim to be under new ownwership from Thai Gardens, YEAH OK!!!!!!!

Glass Noodles

Small portions and two pieces of shrimp in a dish full of what is believed to be chicken and alot of vegetables. #41 Glass noodles

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