Anatoli Souviaki

 5 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC

Stay away from Anatoli's if you are hungry!!!!!

This place is a total rip-off for what they serve you. Most restaurants serving similar food would charge about 30% less and give you 100% more food. The portions here are ridiculous. When I read on the menu that the dish was $18, I figured that it had to come with a decent amount of food. When the waiter brought me my dish, and I saw that I was being served something that looked like it should only have been on the kids’ menu, I thought there had been a mistake. Upon confirming with the waiter, that that WAS in fact my $18 dish, I realized what a God damned RIP-OFF this place is. STAY AWAY, and go somewhere where they will actually value your money!!!!!

Souvlaki (pork)

The quantity of food served would have been ok if I was a small bird, but I am actually a person. For $18, which I think it quite high for a restaurant dish, I was brought a plate with a tiny serving of Greek salad, a tiny serving of rice, and about 1/16th of one potato. WTF? ANY other Greek restaurant would know to serve more than just a fraction of one freaking potato. This place is a RIP-OFF!! STAY AWAY, and go somewhere else!!!!!

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