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Clover HSQ

 7 Holyoke St
Cambridge, MA

My Harvard Square favorite

I eat at Clover at least once a week for a quick lunch with workmates or dinner with friends. I get breakfast or a coffee every now and then too. You can’t go wrong here. Most of the food is pretty healthy too.

It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but I’m living proof that you don’t have to be vegetarian to love Clover. I have a lot of friends who’ve realized this too.

You’ll notice things are a little different than at other restaurants when you walk in. A few sandwiches on the menu never change, but they’re always trying new dishes, sides, and drinks. You’ll notice they have menus on giant computer screens resting on the floor, each estimates of how long it will take to make based on times from that day.

There’s no register, rather a couple of employees that wander around the front and take orders on iPods. Food usually takes a few minutes to show up, and they’ll announce each item as it’s done. If you get a lot of food, you can end up going back and forth a lot. It can be hard to hear them call your name if you sit upstairs or in the back.

The food is almost always delicious. I love the chickpea fritter sandwich and the bbq seitan. The french fries are awesome too. I’m not a big eggplant fan, but I’ve heard the egg & eggplant sandwich is great too.

Clover isn’t always perfect, but it comes from their desire to experiment with food and the restaurant process. The food is great and it’s always interesting.

Chickpea Fritter

Clover’s take on felafel. The pita and veggies are a nice addition.

BBQ Seitan

Sure, it’s not meat, but it still tastes good. If you don’t expect it to taste like chicken you’ll love it.

French fries

I’m not sure why these taste so good, but the I’ll be it has something to do with the rosemary.

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