Lucky House

 73 Winthrop St
Taunton, MA

Good food, HORRIBLE service

This is the only Chinese restaurant in the area with “decent” food, but the service is awful. The counter is run by their maybe 14 yr old daughter who has no manners, or desire to be there. She is very rude and usually the only one in the building that speaks English.

One time I placed an order, drove home and when I got into the driveway I received a call saying that they gave me the wrong order and to return immediately. ( Note that they did not ask, they told me to bring it back). I was halfway back and received another call from them asking if I was on my way.Once I got there the food was whisked to the back, I am sure they repacked it and gave it to the grumpy woman sitting there waiting.( If they weren’t repacking it, why did I have to return it?)

Despite that episode we continued to order from them, my husband went to pick up a single dinner and pay with a credit card. They have a $10 min, we are there literally every week (date night dinners) and they made him order an additional thing to get over the $10 limit. They couldn’t reward our loyalty by letting him charge $8 instead of $10?

Then today I ordered beef with oyster sauce and received beef with mixed vegetables. I called to inform them that they got my order wrong, but I didn’t want to pack the kids up to return it, I just wanted to let them know. She informed me " that is just how we make beef with oyster sauce" I told her, “no, I have ordered this exact item from you before and this is the first time that I received mixed veggies.” The girl then told me it was my fault, because I did not tell her no veggies, despite that I ordered beef with oyster sauce and NOT beef with mixed veggies.

This is officially the last straw, I cannot give my business to a restaurant that has so little regard for their customers."

112. Beef with Mixed Vegetables

This is what I was given when I specifically ordered Beef with oyster sauce.

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