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a food critic i am not.....

I’m just a mom in paulsboro w five kids. A mommy that loves to Cook but never does cuz who has frigging time for that shiz?!? We eat out pretty much every night. I’m also not picky so my words on reviews are probably pointles to anyone with tastebuds.


Panda House Chinese Restaurant

 399 Harmony Rd
Gibbstown, NJ

I eat here once a week

I’m not gonna lie it’s not yahoo fabulous but I do like the food here and the people are super nice. I literally CRAVE thier home made iced tea in the spring and fact my frige has two big containers in it right now. I defiantly can tell u its worth trying at 1.50 for a giant container that holds about three glass fulls of it. I love thier har chow kew. Lotsa coupons and greaaat lunch specials if u got a big family. Eggrolls are hit or miss if they aren’t too greasy they are delicious.

C7. Seafood Combination

nomm nomms!

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