Beijing Cuisines Chinese Restaurant

 2650 Brown Ave
Manchester, NH


I have been ordering food here for a long time and have always enjoyed the meals. Sunday eve I ordered Small House Fried Rice, Small Chicken Lo Mein and Dumplings. My order arrives, I give great tip as usual and begin to the kitchen to feast. I ordered the Rice for me and the Lo mein for my better half. Both orders were wrong and made backwards. The Lo mein was House Lo Mein and the rice was chicken fried rice. No huge deal aside from the fact that the guy eating the Lo Mein is allergic to shell fish and this was loaded with Shrimp which it should not have been, chicken and noodles, no seafood, no beef, no pork or anything else should have been in it. We called politely to the place and asked if they could send over the proper order as it was incorrect, the guy on the phone began to defend the cooks saying they dont make wrong orders… I explained to him that it was a simple mistake and not a big issue but need it corrected so we could indulge. The man continued to argue that there was nothing wrong with order and we got what we requested, I again explained what we ordered vs what we got, he then put me on hold for about 10 mins then came back and once again told me they did not make a mistake… now this guy is not here looking at the food, yet he is arguing to the point of night sweats that it is correct, I got angry at this point and raised my voice and said I was done arguing over this and either want my food that I ordered or my monye back, the guy told me again to check my order again to be sure it was wrong, so I did and once again told him. He stated he would send my order to me. About 40 minutes later the delivery guy showed back up but empty handed. He came to the door and asked to see the food, I had it still boxed up and in the paper bag it came in. He took it out and opened the Lo Mein up and asked me what the problem was, I told him it is supposed ot be chicken lo mein not house, he said it was chicken, I again told him to look at the pork, beef, shrimp staring him right in the face, he then asked me to go in my house and retrieve him a plate so he could dump it out…. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT? He is now calling me a liar just like the guy on the phone did… i got him a plate, he dumps it out onto the plate and then sees that it is wrong and I was right yet doesn’t acknowledge it right off. Instead he proceeds to take the other carton of rice out and dumps that out to try and prove it wasn’t incorrect, it was incorrect and now he looks like an even bigger ass for again not believing me the customer who spent money there as I have soooo many times in the past. I looked at him and said now do you believe me and he just gave me a dirty look, at that point I told him that what he just did was not only unprofessional but morally and ethically wrong on so many levels not to mention that he got food all over my carpet in the doorway when he pulled this bs. He attempted to justify their actions and said he would then go get my replacement food and bring it back. I lost it! I told him under no certain terms what he could do with that food back at the restaurant and that I have never in my 43 years been treated like this by a food establishment. I asked him what ever happened to customer service and such… He just looked blank at me, I told him to get the hell off my property and that I was disgusted by this whole thing and would never go back. I then get a call 30 mins or so later by a guy claiming to be the manager/owner, he asked what was going on and I told him. He kept saying no we shouldnt do this to you, our mistake, please do not be angry, over and over… as if he really cared about what happened. He then told me who could see that I order there all the time and spend lots of money there and they did everything wrong this night and would make it better. I asked for a refund, he then told me they couldnt refund my payment cause it is Credit Card, THATS A LIE, charges can be reversed and or refunded all day long! He then told me he would give me a credit, I told him I was not comfortable with that as I do not want to order from here again and he kept persisting, he said he would give me credit and was sorry as he didnt want my upset or lose the customer, I said to him that I have enjoyed the food and didnt understand what happened or why ,I wanted a simple dinner as I was hungry and it has been hours since I ordered and it is Sunday and now everything else at this point was closed as it is now 930pm, he said I still have that food we made to bring you here, let me bring that to you so you are not hungry, I then said I still wanted my refund/credit and he said no problem. He brought the food to me that was not hot at this point as it had been sitting around for a while, I took it in stride and said I would forget this happened and move on since I was always a fan of this place. He shook my hand & left, today I tried to use credit and was told no credit and that I got my food already.,. WTF

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do you work there????



OMG I wish I would have read this before I went today 6/11/15 I have been going there for over 15 year…..NOT NO MORE…IM finding a better place to hang!!!! I ordered the HOUSE LoMEIN and in the 15 years I HAVE NEVER COMPLAINED!!!!!! --- Today I got a hair in my lomein and I brought it to Vickys attention… she said she called her husband and THEY STILL CHARGED ME FOR IT WTF……. I called her back once I left to tell her how upset I was…. I’ve given the BEJING lots and lots of Busines…

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