Elmhurst Family Restaurant

 441 W Lake St
Elmhurst, IL


Normally frequent customer. NOW WON’T GO, IF THEY WERE THE ONLY PLACE LEFT ON EARTH! Have been going for years. Have recommended it to over 20 friends, family & business associates. Over past 4 months, been going 4-6 times a week, while house worked on. Today, was there over 2 hrs, waiting for our food, and the bathroom to be fixed. Ordered Parmesan Chicken and Prime Rib, (realizing I might not be able to eat the Prime Rib). I excused myself to the restroom. I heard the waitress leaving the restroom tell someone it was backed up. The owners friends came in after we ordered. They were served nearly 20 minutes, before us. I boxed the Prime Rib, and ordered Chicken Marsala, then went back to the restroom. It was STILL stopped up. I told 3 other employees, and had SEEN others telling younger manager as well as employees. I’m Handicapped and can’t walk back and forth to a restroom several times. Sometimes I barely make it back the car. So I waited in the back, with “several” women waiting, one went to men’s room. By the time it was fixed, Marsala was cold & DRIER then Breadcrumbs. I refused the dish & asked not to be charged for my drink, since my dishes came with desert & we weren’t given ANY. I was told rather LOUDLY I would be charged for the drink, because I never “told him about the restroom more then once”. IF they treat return guests by trying to start a VERY VOCAL FIGHT & stating they don’t care if we come back… all over a $1.95 drink. NOBODY SHOULD GO THERE. Nancy T

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