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Wing Stop

 503 Coleman Ave
San Jose, CA

The Best Wings. Ever.

When it comes to hot wings, some people like a lot of meat, and not overdone with sauce. I like the small ones, drenched in wing sauce. The skin is usually thinner and gets nice and crispy. If you’re like me, you’ll most likely love Wing Stop.

The place itself is tiny, with only a few tables for eating there. My wife and I got our wings to go.

There are several flavors of wings to choose from, and most combo meals allow you to combine multiple flavors.

No alcohol served there, but they do have a nice stock of gourmet root beer and sodas. Besides, how can you beat Fanta orange on tap?

I recommend getting a side dish, such as the cole slaw, to balance out all the wings. They also have a fresh veggie plate, excellent fresh cut fries, and baked beans.

The cajun flavor was ridiculously good. I’m craving them as I’m writing this review!

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Yelp reviews call this flavor out as a must try. I tried them, and thought they were OK. But then again, I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to wing flavors. If you like unique, you might love these.

Cajun Wings

Wow! Out of the four flavors I tried, these were the best. Nice and hot, and very nicely seasoned!

Original Hot Wings

This is your traditional hot wing sauce, done very well. These and the cajun were my favorites.

Lemon Pepper Wings

These had a nice and unexpected flavor to them. Lemon, on hot wings? Not too spicy, but a little too dry for me to rate them five stars.

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