JC Sakura

 362 Grove St
Jersey City, NJ

Don't you dare order or eat there. Worst service EVER.

My group of 5-6 friends ordered several plates of food around 10pm for a late dinner. It was over 90 minutes late, it wasn’t like we ordered around rush hour. We called the restaurant after 45 minutes, then after 80 minutes and each time they told us he was on his way. I don’t live that far from the actual restaurant. As soon as he got here, we were all livid not only because the food was late but as soon as we didn’t tip him, he yelled “NO TIP?” We explained to him that he was extremely late and tip is for service. He then proceeded to cuss us out and drop the f-bomb as we got into the elevator. His behavior was just…horrible. Since then, I never ordered from JC Sakura because the service is as bad as their food.

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