Canlis Restaurant

 2601 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA

The memories of one night in Canlis is now engraved in my...

The memories of one night in Canlis is now engraved in my head for the rest of my life. Canils is rated among Seattle’s finest restaurants. Top class and they make you feel like it. The location is beautiful, right on a cliff overlooking Lake Union. Pine trees are visible through the large glass windows, although somewhat view-blocking they do give it that extra northwest feel. The atmosphere of the place is amazing, somewhat like a cabin, but modern, with high ceilings but cosy at the same time, i would say contemporary pacific northwest style.
The service is very professional and attentive. No complaints here. The wine list is endless, the pinot noir recommendation was superb.
The food however was nothing exciting. You could tell that they used the finest ingredients, but they did however fall short in flavor. This however does not at all effect my view of the place as the overall experience was perfect. you definately leave satisied.
Dinner costs about $100/person which in my opinion is not bad for what u get. It’s not the type of place u go to very often anyways, special occasions and splurges.

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