Cold Stone Creamery

 1865 Village West Pkwy
Kansas City, KS


Our experience was the most horrible experience ever. When we ordered the peanut butter perfection, the employee that was behind the counter simply said that they were out of chocolate ice cream (while another employee was pulling out another tub right behind her) and ignored the fact that my husband wanted to order a different ice cream, and took my order. I was unaware at the time and ordered my smoothie, then went on to the cashier. The cashier asked us what we had ordered, and when my husband tried to explain that he hadn’t been able to order what he had wanted, the woman behind the counter put on an exasperated facial expression and demanded that we tell her exactly what was being made for us right now in a very inappropriate tone. Then someone finally made him a peanut butter prefection, and we noticed that the server was just sprinkling the choco icecream with caramel, rolling it up into a ball, and pushing it into a cup. It was NOT the ice cream we had ordered or expected, so we went back, returned the ice cream and explained it to the assistant manager, who gave us a ‘get out of the store’ attitude. He was extremely rude and acted unprofessional, telling us that when they were busy, they didn’t mix up the ice cream. Clearly, there was a long line, but for other customers other than myself and my husband, they were mixing the ice cream for the customers. We were then put on hold for 10~15 minutes while the assistant manager while we were making a phone call to make a c omplaint, then we had to demand a refund for the ice cream that they had taken back. Later we found out that the number that the assistant manager had given us was the store number all along and that he was the one probably on the phone, blocking us from reaching the actual manager of the store.

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection™ - Peanut Butter Cup Perfection at Cold Stone Creamery

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection

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