Pizza Factory

 21699 W Yuma Rd
Buckeye, AZ

Chowin' down in Buckeye, AZ

My family went to this place for the first time in June because my son got a coupon for a free pizza through his school. We found out that they had a lunch buffet for $5 per person (not including drink), and we decided to take advantage of it. It was really slow, so we were afraid the salad bar would be poorly stocked or filled with stale vegetables, but we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the salad fixings available. The owner asked us what we liked on our pizzas and he basically made the buffet tailored to our likings!!! He was extremely friendly, and the pizza is WAY better then what you can get at other chain restaurants in the area. Since our initial visit, we’ve brought friends and family there to eat, and they all loved it. We did order by phone once, and our order went without a hitch, and the workers were friendly and efficient. Maybe you can get better pizza by going into Goodyear or Avondale, but I’m really glad that this place is around to grace my taste buds with decent pizza in my hometown.

Large Pizza

The pizza’s crust was flaky and crunchy, not doughy like so many other restaurants’ pizza. The cheese was generously distributed around the pizza, and it was cooked to perfection—soft lightly browned cheese, and crispy crust. The sauce seemed a bit sparse on my first visit, but this is easily remedied by asking for extra sauce; the owner is very accommodating (I’ve been there several times). I would be proud to bring my friend from Chicago to this restaurant—and you know how Chicagoans love their pizza!

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