Skyway Diner

 280 Central Ave
Kearny, NJ


This place use to be a terrific place to eat when Peter owned the place. The new owners have ran this place into the ground and just trying to make money off the previous owners good reputation and the fact that the tv show the Sopranos filmed here. The diner is not even close to what it use to be. The staff is completely unorganized. The waitress’ can’t even get order right. There is a new one every single day because none of them apparently know what they are doing. The food is not great either. I once order the pernil from their spanish menu and it was so old and disgusting it looked as though it was there for 2 weeks. The owner obviously has no clue what he is doing since he has had two grand openings in a year. The only way to get people to eat here is to try to offer cute gimmicks such as 20% or 30% off the menu for a specific time. Hey, sometimes I might be cheap but I would rather pay an extra five dollars for something than waste my time eating at this place.

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