Kobe Japanese Seafood Steak House

 1040 E Pine Log Rd
Aiken, SC

Poor everything

This is posted in yelp and tripadvisor, I didn’t approach the management earlier because i had waaay too much going on over the weeks(final for myself and myfiance for our college classes, I have to plan for a field exercise in january , my vaction in December, I had other matters that I knew I would not be able to handle that with civility , Well, I never thought in a million years I would be writing something like this but, such as life there’s a first for everything , for the record for those who read this i will in put capital letters all the customer service errors that are pointed out . I wanted to take my fiance out after an exhausitve day at work, so what better place than the tranquility of a japanese steakhouse. We just left ANOTHER restaturant THAT is not even worth mentioning( no alcohol or sushi at a japanese restaturant ..really?) but anyhow came here and it seemed a little better. we get seated at our table with others and just fell into the mindset, of : good we will have some good food and a nice evening to decompress. Our server comes up and I asked him about their flavored infused sakes, and his repsonse was"WELL YOU CAN GO BEHIND THE BAR AND LOOK ..WRONG Answer #1, you are serving me , should’t there be a menu or something, , oh there was just the price list , so I ask for the 12 oz bottle that is 12.95. (NOT 17.95 on my bill) . The worst was yet to come when our cook came to cook us. He greets us all , and he calls me out as ‘Tiger Woods’ no problem a joke to get folks in a good mood,I went along cause I saw no harm in at at all, no we all look alike or anything like that went through my head, thinking this was a one time pun and it would not come up again ( not an ongoing slur throughout my evening . so he starts into his cooking and all , and he pretty much proceeds to call me tiger woods and hint on which girlfriend is this ( too many times to count) I know if I actually said something it would get physical quickly plus he took breaks from my stares to lay off for a few minutes. Now it gets better .There are a number of kids around with their perspective parents and he starts to go into his his flipping food to people’s mouths(now usually I’ve seen this ONLY when it is a party of people who are all friends , not a table setting of relative strangers. Well back to the kids, the food flipping is something best left for the kids for fun, so to turn to the only black guy at the table FIRST is a little insulting , am I a SEAL now as well as TIGER (I decline initially) . So only after his I would assume brainfart he goes through everyone, as a gesture that I am not really too sore( even though I’m feeling my patience is tested) I agreed finally . But it DOESN’t END THERE.
now he is serving the meals to the plates and as he brings my food and I lift my plate, a little food drops, no problem, WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF LETTING ME KNOW’ HEY I DROPPED A LITTLE FOOD DOWN THER=, THEN YOU MOTION YOUR HEAD TOWARDS THE FLOOR AS IF YOU WANTED ME TO GET IT???? . The final straw was the average plate I was given and across FROM me is an 10 year boy with a stacked plate, even the gentleman on the other side of the table looks across, looked at me as if to notion "this is all wrong somehow, well I had my fill I just didn’t want to ruin my fiance’s evening really by causing a scene( even though in th car she expressed her anger also , I just kept it lively and took it easy to joke and listen to her day).
OH YES DID I MENTION THE COOK AND ALL THE STAFF, SANS ONE ORIENTAL that may be the manager or dishwasher( he looked pretty drab in his t-shirt and jeans ) WERE MEXICAN, so cultural sensitivity 101 for the 21st century ; DO NOT TARGET THE BLACK MILITARY COMBAT VETERAN AS A FOCAL POINT OF YOUR PUNS AND JOKES TO IMPRESS NON MINORITIES. i really was going to chalk this up to a substandard place that I will never frequent again , and one that will close a soon as a atop notch place comes to
aiken as the city grows. But I realized if I did let this go , I would not have peace, so there, poor service, rude service, average food NOT WORHT THE TRIP>.

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