Marco's Italian Deli & Pizzeria

 457 Baldwin Ave
Jersey City, NJ

Disappointing Customer Service :(

Tonight my Husband decided to order pizza from this location for the family. Our 23 year old son made the call & put in an order for 2 whole pizza pies. We waited a full hour until the pizza finally arrived. When it did arrive, my son felt the box, opened it up & checked the pizza pies and decided to send them back because the pizza was cold.
About 10 minutes later my son received a phone call from this location by a Man and the conversation went like this.

Man: Why didn’t you take the pizza?
Son: Because it was cold so I sent it back.
Man: I cooked it and sent it right to your house. I’M NOT PLAYING GAMES HERE!!! DON’T CALL HERE AGAIN FUCKING ASSHOLE!!

Our son hung up and told us what the Man said so my husband decided to give them a call, because we could not believe that anyone would call & behave in this manner. Here is how that conversation went.

Husband: May I speak to the Manager on duty?
Man: I’m the Manager on duty.
Husband: Did you just call my Son and curse him out?
(The Man immediately started yelling & said)

He continued using profanity & ranting then hung up before my husband could even speak or reply.

My whole reason for writing this review is because we cannot believe or even conceive how something like this could happen. My son was very polite with the delivery guy and the lack of professionalism from the caller is just astounding to us. We find it hard to believe that this was actually a Manager, much less one of the Owners, as this kind of Customer Service could considerably wreck your business in this bad economy. In my line of work If I deliver customer service that is half-assed or poor, I would not get paid. We are extremely disappointed in how this was handled and will never order from this place again. I would give this place no stars if I could.

2 Pizza Pies

The Pizza arrived one hour later and cold.

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