Vivi's Restaurant

 21731 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA

The Mom and Pop you wish disowned you

All these reviews that read “Worst Customer Service Ever” are so true. It seems like a mom and pop place. The kind of mom and pop you’d like to runaway from.

I just stopped by to try this place and tried ordering a large pizza. I had mistakenly given the lady $25 instead of $20 and when she returned $5.50 as change, I thought that she had given me too much change. When I asked her if $5.50 was the correct change and mentioned that it was too much, she told me that it was my own $5 in such a demeaning and rude manner that made me sound like I was an idiot.

Despite the fact that I AM an idiot and made the mistake, good customer service should never point out a customer’s own idiocy. After all, I was under the impression that she had given me too much change and was pointing that out.

I immediately cancelled my order and walked out. Never seen such poor service from a restaurant and in general, bad manners for a human. Try smiling a little lady and set a better example for your staff.

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