Tara Restaurant Pizza & More

 288 Moody St
Waltham, MA

Awful service, angry people

The last two times I have ordered from Tara they were out of something that I ordered (Foodler), blamed me for the mixup, and yelled at me over the phone. The first time I spoke with someone there and just ordered a replacement dish, no biggie, and it was 65 cents more. I told the guy I would give the driver a couple of bucks, and he said that was fine. A few minutes later some guy who could barely speak english calls me and starts yelling that I was trying to rip them off, and he was canceling my order, and hangs up on me!

A year later I gave them another chance…boy, was that stupid. Once again they were out of one dish I ordered, again through Foodler. I missed their call this time, and only belatedly saw an email from Foodler that they were trying to reach me. I immediately called them, gave my name, and he says “your order will be there in a few minutes.” Great. When it gets there they’ve just left out the second dish. What am I supposed to do, feed half of my family? I refused the order and sent it back with the driver. He agreed with me 100%, by the way. Now, Tara refuses to refund one dime of my money. I’m going to have to deal with it legally to get my $30 back.

These people are angry, they are abusive to customers, and they are thieves. Be warned. There are many better options in Waltham, Theo’s and Waltham Pizza to name a couple. Spend your money with people who appreciate your business, and won’t deal with you in an unscrupulous manner.

The drivers have always been nice. Never had a problem with any of them.

Fettucini Alfredo with Chicken

Alfredo tastes like it came straight out of a can. Chicken was dry and overcooked, and the pasta was overcooked as well.

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