Tamberino's Pizza & Subs

 2111 Conowingo Rd
Bel Air, MD

crab cake smelled like ammonia

My friends and I went here to have a get together for my 70th birthday. I ordered a crab cake….my favorite seafood. The waitress said that it would be 10 minutes prep time and that it would be “a huge crab cake”. My husband picked up our order but mentioned that he thought it smelled “funny”. While it smelled like crab it also had a strong odor of ammonia. I took it to the counter and explained the problem to the clerk who takes orders. She smelled the food and denied that there was anything wrong. I told her the odor was distinct……ammonia…..and I did not want it. She kept pushing it back toward me and stated she had sold 4 that very morning and had no complaints. I told her it was bad seafood. She apparently took it personally and gave a long rant about fresh seafood and how crabmeat always smells like that. My response was that I had an incident where I once purchased in date crab meat and it was spoiled. It can happen and I was NOT going to accept this food. A man standing beside her (cook vs owner) told her to give me something else. I ask for a refund which she grudgingly gave me. The birthday lunch was ruined.

crab cake


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