Thanee Thai

 24 B Main Street
Port Washington, NY

Best Thai Food, EVER!!

Outstanding food and service. My family has had Thai food in every city we visit, and Thanee Thai beats them all! Great appetizers such as shredded mango salad w/peanuts, mee krob, tom kha soup (amazing), chicken sate w/such a dee-lish peanut sauce…we had tamarind honey duck, masaman beef curry, drunken noodles, Thai basil chicken. Have had their pad thai, mint chili duck, panang, tamarind, red & yellow curry dishes, too—all A+!! The fried bananas and mango sticky rice are incredible desserts, too. Tried the Nam Tok Beef (salad) and fell in love. We go as often as possible! Family owned, they meet, greet, and take good care of their customers. Believe me, you can’t go wrong at Thanee Thai!

Masaman Curry Beef

Thick, rich peanut sauce, soft beef, potatoes & onions…pile on top of rice, and it’s a slice of heaven! There’s enough sauce to go around, and this is one wonderful dish!

Spicy/drunken noodles w/chicken

This is a favorite—they all are, so it’s hard to choose! When you first see the dish, all the ingredients look dark, but that’s because the sauce/spice is integrated on all the ingredients perfectly! Broad, flat noodles are cooked to perfection and not mushy, and come with broccoli flowers, egg, and red pepper—there might be more veggies, too—and the taste is divine! Not too spicy, not boring at all—keeps your taste buds alive…until the next forkful!

Green Mango Salad at Thanee Thai

Green Mango Salad

This salad is perfect—strings of green mango, that are crunchy, so they don’t taste like the mango you think of…mixed with peanuts, cilantro and shredded red onion, tossed with a vinegar-lime type of dressing. Very refreshing, and fun texture to eat…and very healthy! It also has nice visual appeal, because it comes in a circular form, with lots of color. Could have this every day!

Tamarind Honey Duck

The duck in this dish is crispy, and not fatty—i understand it takes days to prepare! The slices of soft meat and crispy skinned duck are topped with crinkle-cut carrots, string beans, red pepper, scallions & more—lots of vegetables and a clear, honey-vinegar-tamarind sauce that is just the right blend to be sweet and sour and the same time. Totally one of my favorites!

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