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Cinema 'N' Drafthouse

 2903 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA

A fabulous, inexpensive venue for movies and comedy

A storm rolled through Northern Virginia on July 25th, killing power to 350,000+ residences, including my own. The 7pm viewing of Iron Man 2 was on at the Drafthouse, and I took advantage of their working A/C.

There are supposedly 269 seats there, all lower end fake leather swivel office chairs in various states of repair. Some were fairly new and comfy, others clearly had some months or years of abuse.

But you quickly don’t care much about your seat as the wait staff bring you pitchers of beer and average bar food to your table during both the previews and continuously throughout the movie. Need something? Just stand upright the tall red flag on your table and they pop on over to take your order. I was distracted by the movie so I can’t say how long it took for food to come out, but it was fast enough.

Is the food amazing? Nope. But it’s good enough, with a good selection of appetizers, burgers and fries and other tasty treats. Plus they have both a decent selection of beer and wine for your movie-going pleasure.

The movie was only $5.50, about half of what I’d pay at a more traditional theater. The movie was a little scratched and the sound wasn’t the 7.1 super duper base you might be accustomed to, nor was it in 3D. But c’mon, there’s alcohol!

I highly recommend this place. It’s quirky and has a fabulous line up of movies, TV shows, wine tastings, comedy and other completely random entertainment that is well priced and a lot of fun.

Southwestern Quesadilla

A large tortilla filled to the brim with beans, cheese and chicken (or steak if you want for $2 extra). Served with a side of decent guacamole and sour cream. While not the best quesadilla you’ve ever had, with a beer and a movie was fine.

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Ooglek … a name that sounds Inuit. Interesting name… Since I am ‘demi-canadienne’ – my mother’s family are Quebecois and speak French and English.

I chose becfin as a user name since since it means a lover of good living, a gourmet. Whatever a gourmet is! (I’m fascinated by language).

Thanks for planning to check out my reviews.



I like your breezy, direct writing style. It held my attention. You can buy some draft with your prize

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