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Kabab & Currys

 1498 Isabella St
Santa Clara, CA

Indian food that doesn't givie me the runs

Normally I’d be the last person to recommend an Indian restaurant. At one point I hated Indian food, and then it became somewhat tolerable. But this place I’d go to again and again. I came here for lunch time buffet and I loved it.

The restaurant just seems like some converted duplex in a residential area so it might be a bit hard to locate. When you go in there’s that familiar sign, “Please wait to be seated.” Don’t. Apparently just go straight to the buffet line. You get your food and then you either get seated or you just grab a table yourself. I’m sure it’s different for dinner service though.

The buffet is probably one of the smallest I’ve seen, but it didn’t matter since everything was so damn good. The chicken, the lamb, the curry, the naan, everything was delicious. The two times I’ve been here they’ve had different desserts. And they both were homemade excellence.

Service is a little lacking. You have to flag down the waiters to give you more water and more naan.

It may seem a little chaotic in here, but the food is excellent and well worth it. Anything that’s cheap ($8 buffet) and tastes great deserves 5 stars! Come here early for lunch since it gets crowded quick.

Lunch time buffet

Just eat everything. Can’t go wrong.

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