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Ray's Cafe & Tea House

 141 N 9th St
Philadelphia, PA

A Neighborhood Gem

Had I not read favorable reviews, I would never have chanced visiting this small non-descript restaurant. But don’t misunderstand my comment . . . the restaurant was cheerful, tidy and very clean.

The hot and sour soup was the best I’ve ever tasted . . .admirably spicy with some crunchie vegetables.

Having been weaned to spicy tastes by my West African aide (I am a paraplegic), I couldn’t resist trying an extra appetizer . . the cabbage salad. It was a real sizzler and most enjoyable.

My entre was billed as Hot & Spicy Chicken (or something like that). It was not as hot as the previous dishes, but very tasty.

The server was very willing and anxious to please, but too quick. I had to give him a parting lecture on the virtue of slowing down, with particular emphasis on NEVER having two courses on the table at the same time. He received the criticism graciously.

Another point worth mentioning is value . . . an appetizer and entree can be ordered for $8.95!

All in all, as you can see from my rating, I liked this restaurant very much, actually even a bit more than 4.0 stars. I plan to return in the near future.

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