Home Cafe

 3131 34th St
Lubbock, TX

Get ready to fall in love...

I visit Home Cafe at least once a week, and am always amazed at their sumptuous variety, fresh, high-end ingredients, and friendly atmosphere.

The wait-staff knows many of their regulars by name, and are eager to introduce new-comers to their unique concept, and offer helpful advice about the menu.

The menu changes daily and they have something for everyone: if you’ve got an adventurous palate, you will be delighted to find outrageous new combinations (blueberry and honey goat cheese pizza or zesty chilled cucumber soup), or if you’re a staunch traditionalist, their “home style” specials will whet your appetite (tender chicken pot pies and spicy meatloaf.)

They make everything from scratch, daily, including delicious specialties such as calamata-scented fresh pasta noodles, cinnamon toffee streusel crumbcakes, and even their own saltine crackers to accompany the soup.

And save room for coffee and dessert. They dessert specials also rotate from week to week, with astounding variety, including fresh fruit sorbets and ice-creams, a “pie of the week”, terrines, cakes, brules, biscotti, cookies, and more.

Best of all is the friendly home-town atmosphere and the smiling faces at every table.

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