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Mellow Mushroom

 1800 Town Center Blvd
Fleming Island, FL

Buffalo Chicken, Shrimp, & Meatballs

We literally come every Tuesday night for Bingo. Unless I’m working. Generally we sit at the bar unless we have our daughter in tow, then we sit like normal folk at a table….which feels weird but whatever. I’ve been going to Mellow well over 10 years now, and Coleen (bartender) is absolutely amazing.
Tonight we got the Drunken Funguys to start. Pizza dough formed into bite sized pieces and served with their pizza sauce, beer-cheese-cheese (is that even a thing?), and honey mustard. I’ve got a love for their pizza sauce so I ate mostly that while as my daughter opted for the honey mustard.
Now, usually we start with the meatballs. Three big meatballs with mozzarella cheese in between (similar to a mini burger), on a bed of pizza sauce, with basil and shaved Parmesan topping. My favorite. I love them so much I contemplated betting a Meatball Hoagie, but to not get pizza seemed like a sin. However, my daughter did get the Meatball Kid’s Meal. There’s no pasta, but it was two of the large meatballs served just like the app. Do Note: Drinks don’t seem to be included with kid’s meals. She got milk, which was $1.75, and took maybe two sips. Never again kid; I can buy a gallon for like a dollar more.
My husband and I each got a Large Pizza ($26/each) because we’re gluttonous. And also because he works the next 4 days and I work the next 5. Meal Prepping at it’s finest!
As always, he got the Mighty Meaty. And it was overflowing with meat! So if you love meat on your pizza, that’s the one for you.
My go-to is the Buffalo Chicken. And I can almost promise you, it’s made different every week. Two weeks ago I had barely any buffalo sauce, this week the buffalo sauce was present, but in a different pattern than normal….that should tell you how often I go, when I know the patterns of how the sauces are put on the pizza. Sometimes there’s a healthy helping of bacon, other times you have to squint hard to find it. I think a few years ago the Jax Beach location put chopped up celery on it, which was nice, but I don’t believe any location does that anymore. *BlackFinn does put chopped celery on their Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, YUM!
The best thing at this place, is the Bleu Cheese. And I’m not even kidding. I could drink it. And I never liked Bleu Cheese until maybe two years ago, and it was Mellow that turned me on to it. Get it on the side, dip your pizza crust in it. Wanna know why I don’t have more than 1 kid? Because I don’t want to give up Mellow’s Bleu Cheese for 9 months.
Speaking of Bleu Cheese, try their Bayou Bleu pizza. A Bleu Cheese base with Shrimp and Andouille Sausage, who knew a pizza place could cook such amazing shrimp!? I could eat a whole plate of just the shrimp. Though my hubs and I do joke that we can instantaneously feel our arteries clogging when we eat it.
Maybe one day soon I’ll venture away from my beloved Buffalo Chicken Pizza….and then I’ll write a review on another delicious menu item!]

Bayou Bleu

Artery-Clogging Deliciousness!

Buffalo Chicken

Bacon, Sauteed Onions, Chicken, Cheese, Buffalo Sauce, Ranch, Bleu Cheese = Heaven + a Heart Attack

Meatball Appetizer - Meatball Appetizer at Mellow Mushroom

Meatball Appetizer

I could gorge myself on these! Fried to perfection, with melted cheese in the middle, and topped with their marinara!

Thai Dye

Who knew cucumbers on pizza could be so good!?

Mighty Meaty

An overabundance of meat!

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