232 W Main St
Moorestown, NJ

horrible service!!

Think twice about going to this friendlys. From the managers to the servers. They are completly rude and disrespectful. They do what is easy for them not what is right for the customer. If you want to go to a resturant that is open till 11. Dont go here around 10:30, they will mop while you are eating as well as not have anything you want becuase they already broke everything down, INCLUDING the hot fudge for sundaes. And they wont bring it back out if you want it. There attitude is oh well, sorry cant bring it back out. Belive me the saturday night shift manager or general manager told me that himself. So think twice, Go to the one on nixon drive near the moorestown mall, they are always polite and accomedating.

Ice Cream

Dont ask for hot fudge after 10:25, cause they will have already broken it down and wont bring it back out.

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