344 El Camino Real
San Carlos, CA


I was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana and I’m not a youngster. I lived from one end to the other end of Southern Louisiana through out my life. I speak Cajun French fluently. I was hanging out with some of my friends and they mention this restaurant that served Louisiana food that suppose to taste really good so I had to check it out. The second week of August I went to Creola web page and read the complete history and reviews that they posted about themselves also to see if reservations were necessary. The site said nothing about needing a reservation, not one word. I told my girlfriend we were going out to dinner she wanted to know were I told her it was a surprise. We drove 34 miles one way. We arrived at the restaurant about 4:15 pm on a Saturday. We were first meet by a young lady somewhere in her late 20’s early 30’s she looked to be of a European descent. The first thing she said “do you have a reservation” I told her there was nothing mention about needing a reservation. I look around the complete restaurant there were about 20 tables and only three were occupied. She said “I have one table but I need it back by 7:00 o’clock” she waited again and said “I have one other table but I need it back by 7:30. So she seats us at the table that she said she needed back by 7:30. All the other servers at this restaurant were great and we had no problems with them. The server’s were from European descents possible from France I don’t know, none were originally from Louisiana. You are not able to see into the kitchen. While waiting for the food to come out a couple were being seated by the same young lady she went to a table and the couple stopped at a different table and they said that they wanted to be seated at this table and not at the one she was showing. The young lady said ok, and the couple was seated at that table. What happen to the tables that had to be given to special people with no reservations? Can you tell me what’s wrong with that picture? I order $118.00 of food that included two drinks. The original New Orleans Hurricane Drink is a dark red in color not a light pink. My girlfriend order a large Gumbo she tried one spoon and she pushed it away I asked her what’s wrong she said that’s not gumbo. I tried it; it was some kind of roux with vegetables and lots of seasoning not like any gumbo I’ve every tasted before. Bottom line get rid of the girl that greets your guest and get somebody that is really from Southern Louisiana to do your cooking and not somebody from a Culinary School. One more thing, just because you’re from Louisiana doesn’t mean you can cook. Lots of people from New Orleans can’t cook all that well. Most folks from Northern Louisiana can cook breakfast and nothing else. If you’re looking for good Cajun cooking Cerola is not it, you need to go around Lafayette Louisiana and the surrounding areas.


Not the real deal at all.
Dont do it.

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