Village Diner

 299 N Keswick Ave
Glenside, PA

Opening night for dinner

Procrastined on this review. Ate there on 10/4 i believe it was their first night open for dinner. Came in with my wife and son and mother (who had just been in a traffic accident) so i thought i’d take her to dinner. I had the chicken parm. I have eaten in every diner in south jersey over the past 30 years and this was the best chicken parmigian i have ever had. It was actually real chicken, real bread crumbs, real good. My son had the chicken fingers – loved them. My wife had a big salad my mom said her hamburger was very good ( and she doesn’t compliment anything) – and ate the whole thing. The staff including the owner are very welcoming and personable. It was like dining in the old days when people cared about you and you weren’t just a credit card number. The other patrons seated around us were also talking to us and each other. Exceptional dining experience i would recommend to anyone. So if you want a good, simple and delicious meal in a warm and welcoming atmosphere check out the Village Diner adjacent to the Keswick Theater. Outstanding!!!

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