Countryside Market

 515 Yale Ave
Swarthmore, PA

Never Again

This was hands down my worst experience at a restaurant. My wife and I went in for sandwiches on a sunday afternoon. After waiting for 40 minutes and no sign of our waitress Aimee, I went to the counter to see when the food might be coming. I was told in a very rude manner that “It’s a sunday and they are busy.” and since there was also an 11 top that mine and my wife’s food had to wait. She then told me (40min after we ordered) that they may or may not have one of the ingredients for my sandwich. “Does that make a difference?” Yes! It does! You also could have brought that to my attention after i ordered! The thing that got me aggravated the most was that this woman never once used the word SORRY. That is all that it would have taken to make the situation better. She then proceeded to talk about us to the owner. The conversation took place almost right next to us. She did mention to him that “he would have trouble with table one” (us). After we got of food I did tell her that it was very good. Her reply was just “Worth the wait.” After we were finished she tells us that “it’s ok, we can pay. Don’t worry its ok” Whatever that means. The problem was that she never brought us a check. I go to the counter and I did not get a word from the owner. Not how was everything, or a sorry about the wait. It just shows that it is more than just Aimee with the bad attitude. It runs through the whole place. I worked in restaurants for 10 years and I never have acted the way she did or even met anyone who acted the way she did. From me and my wife a 20% tip means that you were an ok waitress. We normally tip 20-30%. This is the first time I have ever not tipped. Yes the food was good, but I will never go there again. I will also make sure no one else has this miserable experience.

Countryside Sandwich

Great! but it does not redeem the horrible waitress.

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