Bona Cucina

 66 Sherbrook Blvd
Upper Darby, PA


Two weeks ago my wife called and made a reservation for that Friday. She called a day in advance (Thursday). On Friday night we entered the restaurant and the following is what we experienced. We waited by the front door; it looked as if a party was going on in the back room. A young waitress walked over to us, gave us a mean look and then lifted her hands up as if to say, “what do you want?” (SHE NEVER ACTUALLY SPOKE TO US). My wife said, “Hi, we have a reservation for last name.” The girl walked away and spoke with an older woman (who I assume was the hostess). The older woman turned and said “we had you as a no show for last night” and then turned back around. I then walked closer to her and said, “No, it’s for tonight.” "I explained to her that we had called the day prior for tonight, and also told her that it would make no sense to call the night before for reservations for a time earlier than the time we called. (This is because we called a few hours after work on Thursday and on Friday we drove straight there after work). She still acted as if it was our fault. I asked if she would seat us and she pointed towards the back room. We walked up the stairs but were unsure where to go, we asked her again where we were to sit and another waitress pointed to a table that was surrounded by women that where in that room(for the party that was going on) with their purses on the seats. We stood there for a moment and then decided that this place was a complete joke and that not only were the women working rude and unpleasant, that they also didn’t want our business. We talked it over and decided to go somewhere else. As we were leaving the hostess sarcastically asked if everything was all right. I decided not to even respond to her.

We were really excited to try out the restaurant and drove from King of Prussia to Upper Darby just to try it out. Well, for my review I can honestly say that the service sucked. It was actually way worse than sucky; I have never been treated so rude in my entire life.

Thanks for the waste of time and gas Bona Cucina!

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