Kintaro Ramen

 788 Denman St
Vancouver, BC


This is perhaps the most authentic ramen experience in Vancouver. Old school pork bone broth ramen available in three modes- shoyu-soy sauce flavour, shio-salt flavour, and miso.
Customers are given the additional choices of light , medium or rich broth, and lean or fat pork. There is little else on the menu- a few additions like wakame, corn, menba, or extra pork. Gyoza and kimchee are available as sides. There is Japanese or Canadian beer available as well.
Prices are in the seven to eight dollar range for enormous bowls of rich ramen noodle soup.
People line up down the block for this place at lunch hour, so perhaps it would be best to plan to be there a little ahead of their 11 o’clock opening if you are in a hurry. Service is perhaps best described as brisk, efficient and polite, with waitresses distributing menus to customers waiting outside so as to expedite service inside. With such a small menu, there is little need to pore over it anyway.
The broth is simmered for many hours on premises, filling the tiny space with the most succulent aroma of pork. Not for vegetarians! This place is all about traditional barbecued pork noodles.

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