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Love food and it shows!

I am a caterer. I enjoy many different cuisines, and try to duplicate recipes. Still working on the Chili’s Southwestern Egg Role. My favorite food is Greek. Souvlaki, Mousaka, and of course LAMB..and a good gyro. But I will try EVERYTHING once.



 251 Lowell Rd
Hudson, NH

Big Breakfast

Out turkey hunting and had to get breakfast especially when you are up at 3am and in the woods and don’t come out till 9:30am. Trust me, its LUNCH time by then! At that time of the morning, the counter person, who I think was the Asst Manager for the day shift was perky, happy, and pleasant to talk to. Gave me everything I needed to make my breakfast enjoyable.

Deluxe Breakfast

This was the DELUXE breakfast with scrambled eggs, three pancakes, sausage, english muffin with strawberry jam, and hash brown. All food was hot and delicious and LOTS of eggs too! Definately beats SUBWAY portion! Coffee was excellent, and I was very happy and full after I left.

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I Dine In:
Favorite Food:
USA Southern Foods and BBQ
Favorite Chef:
Chef Bobby Flay
Favorite Cookbook:
all of them
Last Meal:
Chicken breast in a BBQ smokey dry rub, wrapped in apple cider bacon with cilantro on top, twice baked baked potato with cream cheese, rosemary, sweet dill, and cream pearl onions with baby peas and mushrooms