The Corned Beef Factory

 574 Cranbrook Rd
Cockeysville, MD

The Corned Beef is amazing, but the service needs help

I had lunch at the new Cockeysville location with my son, and we were both very excited to try it out. The food did not disapoint at all. I would rate the corned beef at 4 and 1/2 stars. The service however, was not very friendly or attentive. It’s confusing when you come in as to where you should place your order, and no one seemed willing to help us know where to go or what to do. When we did end up in the right location we had to wait for a personal conversation to end between employees, before we were greeted and served. When we were finished my 10 year old son needed to wrap half of his sandwich, so he took it up and was grufly handed a piece of foil. It would have been nice and not too difficult to take the extra minute to help him out. While I will go back for the awesome corned beef, how often will be dependant upon the improvement of the customer service.


The Rueban was juicy and amazing. The corned beef was cut properly and they did not scimp on the amount. Huge thumbs up!

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