KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

 1089 Sunrise Ave
Roseville, CA

Horrible! Gave me wrong item, didn't replace or refund

I would give -5 stars if it were possible. Just had a horrible visit to store #E720431 At 1089 Sunrise Ave. Citrus Heights, CA. We ordered a root beer freeze and a hot fudge sundae in the drive thru. It took over 20 min to get them. As soon as we pulled away I saw that the sundae had the wrong topping. We couldn’t back up due to another car so we parked out front. The door was locked so I knocked on the window. A tall employee came out, said he’d remake it right now. He went back inside and proceeded to fill orders for several cars in the drive through. I waited over 20 min for him while he filled orders all the cars in the drive thru, but he didn’t make mine. I put my mask on…. only the tall one of the four employees had a mask or gloves on… I asked if he was going to remake the sundae, was told, “I have to get these orders out, we’re really busy”. I said that I’ve waited an additional 20 min for a simple hot fudge sundae, so I want a refund. He said that he “can’t give me a refund, I don’t know how, no one here does”. I asked for the manager. No manager. I asked him to call his manger. Then another employee (nasty, rude, short, fat, curly hair, earrings, and a filthy mouth) came out and began to yell at me, swear at me and tell me they are not calling the manager and that I’m not getting a %$÷#@*^ refund, come back tomorrow. I told him that he was out of line talking to me like that and that. He swore at me more while the tall one was telling him to be quiet and leave it alone. He yelled at me even louder. Only the tall one was polite or would give me his name. The nasty one and the girl refused, “hell no, I ain’t given you my name”.
I asked, “so you’re not making my sundae and not giving me a refund? That’s not right! I’m calling corporate about this”. On my way out the girl held the door for me, but she let it go when I stepped into it. It’s heavy and the handle got me on the hip bone.
I would like to talk to this franchise owner personally, a refund for the sundae that I didn’t get, and an apology from the nasty one for speaking to me so rudely.

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