1131 Marquette Ave
South Milwaukee, WI

Worst Subway in Milwaukee Award!

I had bad service about 5 years ago at this Subway and after giving them a chance to redeem themselves today, let’s just say it was an EPIC FAIL.

My wife got the most pathetic veggie sub possible, with hardly anything on it, we posted pics on our Facebook about it and had so much outrage from other users, we will be contacting corporate about this. My pizza was so-so and honestly didn’t taste quite right.

Bottom line, wtf is wrong with this Subway? They should have their franchise pulled honestly. And this is coming from a fellow small business owner. Avoid this location at all costs!

Subway EPIC FAIL - 1. Veggie Delight at Subway

1. Veggie Delight

No veggies were even put on the sub, it was horrible and a disgrace to other subs to even call it “a sub”.

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