Mellow Yellow Restaurant

 1508 E 53rd St
Chicago, IL

Mellow Yellow has worst service in city

I have not been to Mellow Yellow restaurant in years so me and two friends stopped by. I will never ever go their again. The service was horrible. After being seated quickly it took 10 minutes before someone stopped by to bring us something to drink. We ordered gourmet burgers with different drinks and toppings. They took 50 minutes to bring food, our waiter was MIA. A different waiter brought our food and did not seem to care that we were okay. We had to go and find him whenever we wanted something else. The food was good but the service was horrible, we did not tip. I asked to see a manager as we were leaving the restaurant the lady at the register pretended to be the manager and simply said that she was sorry. Yes I was sorry I stopped by to visit Mellow Yellow.

Iced Tea *


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